Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WTF #2

Before doing my review from the Grammys, there's something else I need to post and I know it's gonna bother many people... but I say what I think (and you can also say it by making comments if you feel I'm wrong).

So I saw another WTF on Sunday's red carpet and of course it's Lady Gaga. I know everyone loves her and I know she's the trendiest person alive and blabla... But let's be real! There's a limit for everything, there's a fine line between being avant-garde and being a clown.

It's not that I hate her a lot but I think she's just trying to get all eyes on her and she's focusing on her fashion. And I think that's not bad, but like I said: there's a line. And she needs to know how to dress properly for each ocassion. Being on stage is one thing and being on the red carpet and in the crowd is another. With her absurd headpieces and pointy things she might have killed someone. And showing your crack and camel toe is not sexy and flattering at all.

For making a statement on fashion you don't have to be an alien or a clown dressed with glittery stuff. That's just the way I think and everyone has a valid point of view so I'm just sharing mine. I'm not attacking and I don't to be critized and attacked. But I just thing that there's a place for everything and you need to know that.

She has worn some amazing things like the Margielas or the McQueens. But this sci-fi thing she wore for the Grammys was a fail for me. Plus that bodysuit/wig/leggins/second skin... And the things on her eyes were TOO Bowie-ish.

Lady Gaga looking like a christmas tree from the Jetsons. Plus the christmas ornamentent stolen from Mall San Pedro.

AMAZING shoes!

WTF with that wig!? :S

Marilyn Manson!?

Ugh! I can barely see after this... blindness!

"Sitting near Lady Gaga has its ups and downs. If you're behind her, you won't see a damn thing. If you're next to her, she'll scratch you and make you bleed. However, all these unfortunate souls probably had terrific cell-phone reception to tweet the living daylights out of the good fortune they had of sitting next to her". Taken from The Cut.

"And then she turns around to reveal a the most glittery tush in all the world, while bringing new meaning to the word cheeky. But this was the perfect dress to end the night on — it gave all those people who awarded so many Grammys to Taylor Swift an opportunity to kiss Gaga in just the right spot". From The Cut.


  1. u know i love her. pero en esta ocasion estoy con vos. ya se le esta pasando la raya. y deja de ser flattering mae...

    pero eso si... los shoes son espectaculares. diay digamos q el styling completo del video de Bad Romance funciona pq todo es McQueen y el video lo justifica, pero ya en red carpet es otra vara... vos tenes toda la razon..


  2. Rajado el arbol de navidad de los Supersónicos, pero los zapatos si me gustaron mucho!

  3. en serio ella tiene cosas chiviiiisimas!
    la mae tiene un super estilista... pero creo q a veces comete errores!
    great shoes, sí! pero con todo ese montón de glittery things, ese vestido tieso, headpiece y tras de eso ese pelo de los simpsons! NAH!

  4. Ay no se ...
    Soy el unico al q enserio le gusta el vestido ?
    Osea estuvo peor el outfit de los premios de mtv

  5. El headpiece si me parecio feo junto con el make up feo

  6. ella esta mal de pies a cabeza!

    she's just trying way too hard.

    deseo que bjork vuelva y le de unas leccioncistas de ser 'rara' sin enseniar tus muslos llenos de celulitis y un cameltoe de carne frente a toda la humanidad. gross.

  7. AMEN, daver!
    she's trying WAY TOO hard!
    ya se le nota!
    y sí, bjork tiene q hacer un comeback y just be herself y demostrarle cuando de vdd se tiene estilo y cuando no (y se busca desesperadamente como ladycaca)