Sunday, February 28, 2010

Karen Elson sings

I've always love Karen Elson, her red hair is so characteristic, she has always had a unique presence on runways and red carpets. She has been away for a while, since she got married with Jack White, White Stripes' singer, but you can always see her at the Met Gala and in some ad campaigns (like St. John, PHI, Yves Saint Laurent, etc).

Now, this british model is becoming a singer. Since she started modeling at age 16 she found interest in music, but her career as a model was on it rise and she has to leave it a little behind. She began with collaborations for Robert Plant and James Iha (from the Smashing Pumpkins). She also collaborated on a tribute to Serge Gainsbourg in which she recorded a song with Cat Power called "I love you (me either)."
She's the creative director and also performer with The Citizens Band, appearing with them and because of this she had a positive critical response, being acclaimed by press and people talking about her striking vocal skills.
She has been working as a solo singer and in her new 12 track album soon to be released. Her debut song is called "The ghost who walks" which was produced by her husband and she shows her amazing skills for singing and also for playing acoustic guitar.
Here are some stills from her debut video and I think you should listen to her, I think she's really good in what she does, and singing is not an exception. Great voice, great look, great hair. Enjoy.

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  1. If she has Jack White behind her as producer, hopefully his influence will help her make good music!