Friday, February 19, 2010

Zaha Hadid Retrospective

I've always admired Zaha Hadid's work, she's a great architect and a constant innovator. Her work stands like no other and she has a very unique sense of aesthetics and shape. It's impossible not to notice her architectural pieces. Her designs influence many areas, including fashion.

She designed a concept bag for Louis Vuitton (see picture #7) and also has worked with Puma and Melissa. She also designed the Chanel Mobile Art Pavillion that traveled to many cities in the world including New York.

As part of the Barbara Cappochin Biennale, a retrospective of Zaha's work is taking place at the Palazzo della Ragione in Padua, Italy. This palazzo was constructed between 1172 and 1219 and it's an italian treasure. Its medieval roof is the largest in Europe unsupported by columns and all of its walls covered by frescos from 1425. The contrast between this venue and Zaha's exhibition is more than obvious, her designs are very fluid and modern.

The exhibition shows Zaha's work, experimentation and also her research into digital design and construction methods. The nice thing about this expo is that for showing each project, she created a large scale installation where you will find all of her work from the last 30 years organized by the theme that inspired them, for example: "aggregations/clusters/jigsaws".

Amazing work as always!

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