Sunday, February 14, 2010

McQueen's label fate?

Since Thursday, things in fashion have been gloomy. McQueen committed suicide and now the labels fate is unknown.
With fashion weeks coming, no one knows if McQueen's last collection is going to be presented. His collection was ready, they were just doing the final fittings for the show that's scheduled for March. Yesterday, the house was urgently asking for all the samples to be returned.
I found a declaration that Scott Schuman made and I rather copy paste it so you can read it as it is:

"I was talking to a retailer yesterday who said that her McQueen business was growing faster than it ever had before. However, she sees no other option than to close the business of McQueen.
Who could take over? Should anyone takeover?
I'm sure Gucci has invested millions in this business but, this isn't the same as finding a replacement for an old house like YSL or Kenzo. This is different, very different. I think the closest correlation to this would have to be Moschino. And still after all these years, no one has been able to replace him, just a design team. Do we really want this to be the fate of McQueen's business?

I mean, come on, who could possibly keep the spirit of McQueen alive? He was so unique that his replacement could never get out of that shadow."

I think there's no much to say about. Schuman said it clear and accurate. Replacing a designer as McQueen, with his vision, his strenght, his ideas, his tailoring and his thoughts it would be imposible. There's many good designers out there, but like I said, he was unique.
The latest news on his death are that they found some notes, trying to explain why he killed himself.

I'm not really sure what I would like to happen. I can't imagine McQueen without McQueen himself. He made the label, he shape it, it was his own work, his influence. So picturing someone at his place would be very difficult or almost utopic. Let's just wait and see what happens. I would love to see his latest collection. I can bet it's one of the strongest. Most creative minds, capture their emotions on what they create and McQueen was no exception.

R.I.P McQueen. I can't miss you more! :'(

Tribute painting by Danny Roberts.


  1. I guess it's way too soon to think about the future of the label. But we can take a look a other houses, for example Balenciaga which remained almost dead after Cristobal Balenciaga stopped working and it was reopened years later.

    For now it might be just convenient to give it a rest, mostly because taking over Lee McQueen's work too fast can be a risky thing.

    But for now we will wait until we see what happens, one thing's for sure, McQueen's legacy won't stay in the shadows!

  2. Yeap, it's too soon!

    Balenciaga reborn after years of being "dead". Who know what's gonna happen with McQueen's.

    But as you said, his legaly will remain ALIVE!