Friday, February 12, 2010

God Save McQueen

Nothing has shocked me lately as much as McQueen's death…

I remember when I saw his first collection on Fashion File. I remember like if it was yesterday. Seated on my mom's bed, watching E!, watching some nice, pretty normal runways… and suddenly Tim Blanks is on a weird warehouse with a glass box in front of him, everything was dark as people were taking their seats, suddenly the models start to appear in the middle of that box, dressed with amazing clothes, leather, chiffon, bodices, weird shoes, dead birds! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it was not any fashion show, it was a show that left a mark in my life, in my mind and in fashion.

Since that day I became a McQueen follower, checking all of his collections, watching all of his shows, new or old. Checked his archives and started loving how extravagant, eccentric and tailored was each and every of his creations.
Every season he made a statement with his clothes, accessories, headpieces, locations, concepts. McQueen was a showman, an innovative designer, a great tailor… There’s a million adjectives that fit him. For me he was like a god, unique and one of his kind.

I know it might sound like drama queen for many, but I'm really sad. I was looking forward to somehow meet him, to see what his next big thing was going to be, to work for him, to see his creations for years to come…

McQueen's career has been amazing. Since his starts, he learn tailoring making it his own. There were always tailored pieces on his collections and every piece had its unique structure. Since his days in Central Saint Martin's, he found his own way to shine. His talent first got Isabella Blow's admiration, she was his first buyer, the one who bought all his graduation collection and the one who took her of him and made him famous.

Both were unique and I can talk a lot about McQueen's work and his legacy in the fashion world. But you can read that anywhere and you can find his biography. I just wanted to say how I feel about his dead and nothing that I say or write here would be enough to describe the amazing designer he was.

He will be an inspiration forever. His silhouettes, materials, shapes, draping, cuts, structure, every detail in every piece he made was his own. There will never be someone like Alexander McQueen! It's fashion biggest lost and many will remain in deep mourning, and I'm one of those.

This is my own way of making a tribute for him, writing something sincere, not talking about how he killed himself or why, because that's personal and he had his reasons. I'm just doing something very little so we can all remember him, not tragically but for what we knew/know him: his designs!

So thank you, McQueen! There will never be someone like you!

God Save McQueen.


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  1. me so sorry gabs seriously...
    really nice words to your idol!