Saturday, October 30, 2010

Isabella Blow's film

Then again, comes my apologies for not writting, but my head's somewhere else... But anyways, I always think about my blog and how I should be updating it instead of wasting my time watching Glee and Modern Family. And besides, there are no highlist to blog about and instead of posting lame stuff I rather NOT blog.

But of course, there's always something to write about Alexander McQueen or Isabella Blow, two of my favorite fashion icons in the whole world and it's amazing the legacy they left.

Now's Izzy's turn. Filmmakers are working on a movie about her and her life, based on the biography "Isabella Blow: A fashion life", written by her ex-assistant Laura Goldstein Crowe, which is coming out in November 9th (the book). Anders Palm (swedish filmmaker) is paired with Goldstein Crowe, she's going to be a consultant for the whole creative and filming process. Also Philip Treacy and John Galliano will be collaborating with the movie. It's unclear if they are gonna be part of the crew or the cast.

André Leon Talley reported weeks ago that Galliano was gonna play himself in the movie and that Treacy was going to be the one in charge of picking the right actress to play the role of Izzy.

Let's wait and see... First I'll get the book, then read it and then I'll see if the movie's ok or what. I'm worried that they might give a wrong impression of my goddess.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Courtney Love(s) Nonsense

Courtney Love! Everyone has something to say about her, some may love her (like me), some may hate her. But the thing is that no matter what she will always be an icon, because of her husband, her band, her drugs issues, her bad choices on clothes... but for me, she's Courtney! With a unique "sense" of style and of course an amazing voice.

So this time, to make fun of her or to pay her tribute, filmmaker Michael Mouris made a funny video about her and her personal style. The video includes Karl Lagerfeld, André Leon Talley and some famous singers, plus a thousand absurd things, kitsch and psychodelia.
So there's nothing more to say, just enjoy it! It's fun to watch!