Monday, October 11, 2010

Courtney Love(s) Nonsense

Courtney Love! Everyone has something to say about her, some may love her (like me), some may hate her. But the thing is that no matter what she will always be an icon, because of her husband, her band, her drugs issues, her bad choices on clothes... but for me, she's Courtney! With a unique "sense" of style and of course an amazing voice.

So this time, to make fun of her or to pay her tribute, filmmaker Michael Mouris made a funny video about her and her personal style. The video includes Karl Lagerfeld, André Leon Talley and some famous singers, plus a thousand absurd things, kitsch and psychodelia.
So there's nothing more to say, just enjoy it! It's fun to watch!


  1. Hi there!!
    What a lovely blog you have. Nice articles and inspiring pictures.. I really like the McQueen memorial pictures.. Let me know if you wanna be followers ..

    Love from Stockholm.. xox!

  2. hey emma!
    i'm so happy 'cause you liked my blog!
    well, mcqueen is my favorite designers and an inspiration, that's why i post a lot about him.
    i'll be honored to have you as my follower :)