Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tom Ford's new womenswear collection

It's not new for many that Tom Ford already launched his new womenswear collection, the one that everyone has been waiting for. It's been on every magazine, from Harper's Bazaar to Vogue Korea. And I really think that he made quite a comeback.

Tom Ford presented a collection really true to himself, with his own signature sensuality, amazing dresses, best frabric choices, sexy silhouettes and everything else that made him a total success back when he was in Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci as creative director.

For his "debut" show, he chose great female icons to walk down the runway, starting with Beyoncé, who opened the show. Choosing women from all ages, from early 20's to almost 70, to show that her clothes fit all. "There used to be a look for women who were older. You didn’t wear certain things, you did your hair a certain way – but today, 70-year-old women who keep themselves together want to look just like their 25 (year-old) counterparts,’ says Ford.

As a target, he chose intelligent women, with a live, kids, from different ages, inspirational and also iconic and this comes to light, when you see the pieces he presented. He made a great statement for an interview: "The women (in my show) don’t change their look from day to day. They have figured out who they are – that’s what makes you iconic, by the way. Figure out who you are, figure out what you like, figure out what you look good in."

His designs have an "elegant sophistication", as he said, he's now a more mature designer who thinks in his clients and also in selling. Of course, price tags on his clothes are a little bit higher, from $3800 for a jacket to $35000 for a dress. But at the end, the price you pay, worth it. Hand-painted silk, feathers, lace, crocodile skin and mother of pearl sequins are a few of the materials you could find in his gorgeous collection.

Someday I'll have one of his dresses, in the mean time I'll satisfy myself by watching over and over again pictures from the editorial and from his fashion show.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beyoncé & Thierry Mugler

I'm not Beyoncé's biggest fan, I kinda like some songs (of course "Single Ladies" is one of them) but I must accept the she and her creative team has made an amazing job putting the "I Am" tour on stage.

Like any other big artist, like Madonna, Lady Gaga or Britney, there are some elements of vital importance like the set design, coreographies and of course, the costume design. Starting a few years ago we've seen some great collaborations between singers and fashion designers, like Madonna and Ricardo Tisci, Britney with DSquared and Beyoncé with Thierry Mugler.

Thierry Mugler was huge during the 80's and 90's, famous for creating highly-stylized silhouettes, very feminine and making emphasis on the female body. Another characteristic is his mixture of materiales, playing with leather, metal, vinyl.

I found this video, where it shows some of the pieces that Mugler exclusively designed for Beyoncé's tour and they're just amazing. The way he creates a real piece of cloth from a sketch, respecting everything that's included on the drawing just leaves you speechless. I've seen some of this designs he made on videos, but never got a closer look like the ones you'll see here. From sequins to an amazing "robot costume" made out of plastic and metal, we assure Thierry's greatness as a avant garde fashion designer.

Click here so you can watch the video (sorry I couldn't find the embed thingy to post it).

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Chanel face

Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld just chose the new face for the brand and I couldn't be happier. Blake Lively, the star of Gossip Girl, was in Paris shooting the new advertising campaign that will be launch next year.

Besides her success as Serena in Gossip Girl, she's now a fashion icon, front row girl in most of the fashion shows, has an amazing body (specially her boobs and legs) and also she's been on the cover of Vogue twice and a third time in the cover of the "best dressed" issue. She's one of Anna Wintour's friend, they both attended to the Chanel couture show in Paris and this might be one of the reason why she's gonna be on the new ad campaign.

She's like my number one crush right one and I think she fits perfectly for Chanel, I guess she's gonna look like a blonde version of Daria Werbowy. Sometimes I hate watching some celebrities on fashion ad campaigns (like Angelina Jolie or Lily Allen), but Blake is Blake and no one will be like her. So I can't wait to see this ads! Anxiety attack 'til I see the first photo of her wearing Chanel from head to toes.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alexander McQueen by Nick Knight

Like two days ago I posted an entry about Alexander McQueen getting the Outstanding Achievement Award at the British Fashion Awards. Also I named a video that Nick Knight was doing, also styled by Edward Enninful and with a soundtrack by Björk.

So thanks to my friend Faby, I got the chance to see the video and of course, start my emotional rollercoaster, loving every second of the video, listening to Björk and also kinda teary and sad because of Lee's absence in this world.

I think the video is a master piece and McQueen's designs go beyond anything that we've ever imagined to see on a runway, plus Knight's amazing images and Björk's unique voice.

God save McQueen

To Lee, With Love, Nick - A Tribute to Alexander McQueen By Nick Knight from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

I ♥ Joan Rivers

I don't care what people says about Joan Rivers. I just adore her. I know that she's an old snob-y lady, but we have to accept that sometimes she's so right with her comments... And even if you agree or disagree with her, she's always funny and sarcastic.

So I found this video, "Closet Confessions" from Bluefly and besides her amazing clothes collections, her thousands of Valentinos, just watching her, at her 70's, making fun of herself, criticizing Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham... is priceless.

Just watch it! Maybe you'll laugh or maybe you'll hate her even more, I just know that I want to be like her when I'm old.

Watch live streaming video from bluefly at

Monday, December 6, 2010

An award for McQueen

Tomorrow at the British Fashion Awards, Alexander McQueen will receive a posthumous award for his contribution to fashion. Stephen Jones, Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano are some of the designer who have won this prize before.

To celebrate this unique event/award, Nick Knight will present a film he directed featuring Lee's most iconic pieces, styled by Edward Enninful and with a soundtrack by Björk.

"This film is my way of speaking about a very unique and important person who changed my life. My desire was to speak in some way about the dark and the light contained within Lee, and within us all," Nick Knight said.

"The Outstanding Achievement Award celebrates the exceptional talent of an individual who has contributed to the British fashion industry, both internationally and here in the UK, throughout their career," Harold Tillman explained. There was only one person we felt we could recognise with this award this year - Lee McQueen."

"We are honoured to accept the BFC Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Award and that the British Fashion Council have recognised Lee's work and contribution to the British fashion industry," Jonathan Akeroyd, chief executive of Alexander McQueen, said.

As I've always said, McQueen could never be replaced and his work will be recognize everywhere, his legacy is one of a kind, his work, unique.

R.I.P Lee

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Window Displays

So Christmas is coming and with it comes what I love the most about it: Holiday window displays! I remember it as the most exciting part of the holidays when I was a kid, of course, nothing as fancy and glamorous as the displays from New York.

Every store makes its best to show off their decorations for every Christmas, last year Bergdorf Goodman had one that I thought was unique, with bears, elephants, McQueen dresses, etc. This year, Saks decided to "tell" the story of a little girl that got into their parents' gabinet and every different window shows whatever she finds in their, including a Dolce & Gabbana dress that Lady Gaga used and champagne bottles, bubbles, snow flakes, etc.

Bergdorf Goodman offers their customers and everyone who walks around its windowsa fantasy travel, with images, lions, maps, a carriage, the space and obviously amazing clothes, the greatest accesories, evening gowns, coats, etc.

Bloomingdale's on the other hand, chose to display more than 100 screens that play multiple winter scenes with a dark blue background. Macy's blah, just some childish animations. Barneys blew my mind with window where they show like an 18th century dress made out of coffee tins from Illy. Also, Lord & Taylor made some nice displays which included customers' favorites holiday memories.

And last, Henri Bendel, who channeled the famous Nutcraker but in the most stylish way we can think of it, with amazing tutus and props to complement.

So, yes, Christmas is just around the corner. Excitement for many. I just wish I could get everything's on those displays, from clothes to props. And I'm still wishing my real sized bear from Bergdorf Goodman's window from 2009.

Henri Bendel

Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor



Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman
Bergdorf Goodman

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Balenciaga: Spanish Master

"Balenciaga: Spanish Master" is the name of the new exposition in honor of Cristóbal Balenciaga, conceived by Oscar De La Renta (who began his career working with him) and curate by Vogue's Editor-at-Large, Hamish Bowles. Both team up to celebrate and also show the work of this amazing Spanish designer known by all.

One of the goals of this exposition is to investigate the impact of Spanish art, culture and history on Balenciaga's designs. To achieve this investigation, the expo includes more than 70 designs from Cristóbal and also traditional Spanish garnments and artworks, with this, all people attending will be able to see what influenced this designer's work.

The exhibition will take place at the Queen Sofia Institute and then it will be moved to the Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco, where the Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent's expos were presented a few years ago. One of the most important facts of this exposition is - not only the fact that they pay homage to one of the greatest designers in history - to raise awareness of the important and the legacy of the Spanish culture.

As Hamish Bowles said, Balenciaga's work has been influenced by flamenco dance costumes, matadores, Goya, Velázquez and many other inspirations. He made an incredible work for this exhibition, from research and hunting around the world to get as many Balenciaga pieces as possible. He also got access to the Balenciaga archive (my biggest dream of course) and help from Nicolas Ghesquière.

Added to the amazing collection of designs, art and traditional Spanish costumes, there will be a selection of videos created Tom Kublin, one of Balenciaga's friend, who documented his work from the late 1950's through to his retirement in 1968. And also, there will be a catalogue, wrote by Hamish Bowles and some of the photographs included in this, are from Craig McDean.

This exhibition, with designs from one of the greatest couturiers, plus an amazing team like De La Renta, McDean and Hamish Bowles will make of it a huge success. So whoever's going to New York before February 19th MUST visit the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute. Is mandatory! This is one of those expos that if I were rich I would spend whatever amount to travel from wherever the hell I am just to visit it. Balenciaga's work is one of a kind. Like it or not, he was a great designer and his legacy is unique. Is like talking about Dior or Chanel, they're classics and it's part of Fashion History.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I've been loving Robyn since I heard "Bulletproof" and more when I found "Dancing on my own". First of all I thing she's really androgynous, beautiful eyes, nice pop-ish/electro-ish music and her music videos are simple, but they have their own beauty.

Spending my life in front of my laptop I found her new video for "Indestructible" and I'm stil wowed! The song is amazing, has a nice beat, the images are sexual and beautiful at the same time and she's wearing an amazing dress. No need to show her crotch through a lace dress like Lady Gaga or using an awful body suit like Leighton Meester. She's wearing a costume made of tubes with liquid flowing trough them while changing color and I like the fact that is extremely wearable and at the same time avant-garde enough to make a statement.

Take a look at the video and pay attention to the soon, I thinks it's gonna be on my favorites from her, specially because of the aesthetic of the video.


Robyn 'Indestructible' Official Video

Robyn Myspace Music Videos

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Isabella Blow's film

Then again, comes my apologies for not writting, but my head's somewhere else... But anyways, I always think about my blog and how I should be updating it instead of wasting my time watching Glee and Modern Family. And besides, there are no highlist to blog about and instead of posting lame stuff I rather NOT blog.

But of course, there's always something to write about Alexander McQueen or Isabella Blow, two of my favorite fashion icons in the whole world and it's amazing the legacy they left.

Now's Izzy's turn. Filmmakers are working on a movie about her and her life, based on the biography "Isabella Blow: A fashion life", written by her ex-assistant Laura Goldstein Crowe, which is coming out in November 9th (the book). Anders Palm (swedish filmmaker) is paired with Goldstein Crowe, she's going to be a consultant for the whole creative and filming process. Also Philip Treacy and John Galliano will be collaborating with the movie. It's unclear if they are gonna be part of the crew or the cast.

André Leon Talley reported weeks ago that Galliano was gonna play himself in the movie and that Treacy was going to be the one in charge of picking the right actress to play the role of Izzy.

Let's wait and see... First I'll get the book, then read it and then I'll see if the movie's ok or what. I'm worried that they might give a wrong impression of my goddess.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Courtney Love(s) Nonsense

Courtney Love! Everyone has something to say about her, some may love her (like me), some may hate her. But the thing is that no matter what she will always be an icon, because of her husband, her band, her drugs issues, her bad choices on clothes... but for me, she's Courtney! With a unique "sense" of style and of course an amazing voice.

So this time, to make fun of her or to pay her tribute, filmmaker Michael Mouris made a funny video about her and her personal style. The video includes Karl Lagerfeld, André Leon Talley and some famous singers, plus a thousand absurd things, kitsch and psychodelia.
So there's nothing more to say, just enjoy it! It's fun to watch!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alexander McQueen Memorial

Seven months after McQueen took his life, another memorial took place during this 2011 London Fashion Week at the Saint Paul's Cathedral. There's not much to say about this, just another gloomy day to honored the greatest designer the world would ever meet: Lee.

All of his friends were there, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Campbell, Stella McCartney, Kate Moss and Björk, who performed "Gloomy Sunday", wearing an amazing feathered skirt and a top made out of wood and the structure give us the idea of wings.

At the end of this memorial, a chrous performed dressed in tartan kilts. So McQueen.

He took his life in February, before his mother was buried. And after all this time, everyone who admire his work is still missing him. An unreplaceable designer, le enfant terrible.

God save McQueen

Here's a video recorded by someone who went to the memorial... Björk's performance is heart breaking...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

International Designers Mexico Spring Summer 2011 - Part I

Busy days, lazy days! I have no excuse for not writing these days 'cause actually there has been a lot going on around México City and I got a little delayed blogging about the IDM Fashion Week... But, better late than never.

Four days, full of designers. Some with interesting proposals, some... hmmm... a little lame or maybe too conceptual to be on a ready-to-wear catwalk. To name a few: Nimismequi, Paola Hernándes, Doce.Cero.Tres, Marvin & Quetzal, Macario Jiménez, Lola de Alejandro, César Arellanes, Mancandy and (my favorite) Natalie Amkie.

I spent one day at backstage where I met one of the new talents on IDM: Natalie Amkie. In my opinion, one of the best designers who presented this season. Working with a great color palette, classic at some point, but mixing edgy materials like draped leather, chiffon, ostrich, gems, crystals, many details and cuts that made her clothes stood up.

Interesting designs and a new talent! Like I said, my favorite. A very mature collection for a new comer. Here are some photos from her backstage.

Too many designers and I don't want to make this entry long and boring, so I rather focus on what I thought were the highlights on the IDM. So next one was Marvin & Quetzal. For many it was just a clownish show, for me, it's a nice proposal, a fun one. Lots a materials mixed, plus random silhouettes that kept the audience interested (or criticizing).

Denim, lace, ruffles, big sleeves, teddy bears (as headpieces) and pastel palette made this collection fun to watch. We all love different things and at the end there's always a target for what you make. In this case, Marvin created pieces that I could picture them more Tokyo than in México or any latinamerican country. Some people think that is almost like a joke. Instead, I think that they're trying to keep a funny side in fashion and like or not, fashion needs it. Just think of designer like Betsey Johnson, Castelbajac, House of Holland or Jeremy Scott. They have that "something" that makes people smile when seeing their creations.

Then came another one that made my night: César Arellanes. Another great collection with a lot of mind set into it. The first model came out and the whole look was shocking (in a good way), great styling, great headpieces and clothes with lots of details and mix of fabrics. "Ethni-city", name of the collection, was created with leather, chiffons, panels, cut outs, etc. One of the funniest things on this catwalk were the bags, with the shape of fishes and giant chamaleons. I'm not a fan of ethnic things, but this dresses from Arellanes were like an avant-garde ethnic and I loved it. It was a colorfull runway with lots of texture and eye catching.

As a newbie in IDM Fashion Week, there's lots of things I saw and that I want to share with you, so this is just part I. Tomorrow or someday I'll upload some of the videos and photos I took so you can get an idea of how's fashion in México, which I think is growing, it's not on its fullest, but at least it's developing and there's people to watch, to write about it, lots of magazines to cover the shows. Great experience I must say and this is just the beginning.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fashion's Night Out 2010

So Fashion's Night Out 2010 will be happening on September 10th, being one of those huge events in fashion, from New York to Brazil to Boston, getting also to Europe, it's worldwide and after last year's success it's coming back as a strategy to impulse sales in every store participating in this FNO.

Last year it helps designers all over the world to get people to buy while they listened to famous dj's, watched celebrities hosting parties at stores, drinked champagne, etc.

Of course the master mind behind this massive event is Anna Wintour, capable of moving masses and dictate what's IN in fashion and she can also manage people's nightlife organizing fundraisings like Fashion's Night Out.

I'll leave here two videos, one was recorded live at Jimmy Fallon's talk show and the other one is like a presentation of what you will see in FNO 2010, showed by the models we see in every spread or billboard or ad campaign. Make sure to check the link below, Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs will give you a better explaination than myself, so enjoy!

Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Fashion's Night Out 2010 PSA from Fashion's Night Out on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Palacio de Hierro

Living in México is more exciting than I thought. Walking through this streets, full of amazing buildings, great stores, people dressed in interesting/bizarre ways is what I love about a city. Architecture, fashion, tradition and people are just a few important elements for loving a place and México has all of this and more.

So, on Wednesday I went to Centro Histórico, near El Zócalo, watching mini stores, full of fabrics, clothes, some of them nice, other not so nice, tacky, mainstream, fancy... And then, I ran into the Palacio de Hierro shop windows and I went speechless. They have nothing to envy Saks or any other famous store from the U.S or Europe. In September, México will be celebrating its bicentenary, so the city is getting in a festive mood, the government is investing billions of pesos for this huge and important celebration. Besides planning a parade starting in Reforma and getting to El Centro Histórico, all building around El Zócalo are decorated with white, red and green (colors of the mexican flag) and of course some gold to make it shinier.

And because of this, Palacio de Hierro also made its own and they decorated and designs the shop windows in a festive way, without leaving behind the class and glamour for what it's known. So I took some photos you can see this gorgeous windows, that are a homage to mexican culture, to their traditions, including not only textiles, but ceramic, jewelry, silver works, tequila, candles, etc.

I think that having such a strong culture and being so attached to their tradition without getting stuck it's one of the things that makes México such a strong country and unique. Walking around an old city that at the same time looks modern and contemporary is priceless. So I'm in love, not with a guy but with this city and I think we are going to have the greatest relationship ever.

"México me gusta tu estilo" <3

Mexican piñata.

Silver necklace and traditional textile poncho.

Amazing red gown.


Día de muertos' window.


Styled as traditional costumes but with modern brands as Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, etc.

"México me gusta tu estilo".