Sunday, August 29, 2010

Palacio de Hierro

Living in México is more exciting than I thought. Walking through this streets, full of amazing buildings, great stores, people dressed in interesting/bizarre ways is what I love about a city. Architecture, fashion, tradition and people are just a few important elements for loving a place and México has all of this and more.

So, on Wednesday I went to Centro Histórico, near El Zócalo, watching mini stores, full of fabrics, clothes, some of them nice, other not so nice, tacky, mainstream, fancy... And then, I ran into the Palacio de Hierro shop windows and I went speechless. They have nothing to envy Saks or any other famous store from the U.S or Europe. In September, México will be celebrating its bicentenary, so the city is getting in a festive mood, the government is investing billions of pesos for this huge and important celebration. Besides planning a parade starting in Reforma and getting to El Centro Histórico, all building around El Zócalo are decorated with white, red and green (colors of the mexican flag) and of course some gold to make it shinier.

And because of this, Palacio de Hierro also made its own and they decorated and designs the shop windows in a festive way, without leaving behind the class and glamour for what it's known. So I took some photos you can see this gorgeous windows, that are a homage to mexican culture, to their traditions, including not only textiles, but ceramic, jewelry, silver works, tequila, candles, etc.

I think that having such a strong culture and being so attached to their tradition without getting stuck it's one of the things that makes México such a strong country and unique. Walking around an old city that at the same time looks modern and contemporary is priceless. So I'm in love, not with a guy but with this city and I think we are going to have the greatest relationship ever.

"México me gusta tu estilo" <3

Mexican piñata.

Silver necklace and traditional textile poncho.

Amazing red gown.


Día de muertos' window.


Styled as traditional costumes but with modern brands as Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, etc.

"México me gusta tu estilo".

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  1. I agree, Mexico city has nothing to envy to NY or Europe. It has everything you could expect and more, I would love to live there actually.

    When I went to Palacio de Hierro I spent about $60 on chocolate, and i was great, the truffles and stuff!!!...

    Anyways, I envy you for what you're doing right now and for having not only one, but TWO Marc Jacobs stores nearby!