Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shoe obsessed

It's been a long loooooong time since the last time I wrote, but I've being going through lots of changes, moving location and starting a fashion internship so I've been busy. But there's a thousand things to blog about and now it's time for shoes!

We all know about photo blogs, many of them doing collaborations for Style.com, GQ, Esquire and many other fashion magazines and webzines. A huge one is Jak & Jil, created by Tommy Ton, who is now celebrating a photo exposition in Holt Renfrew, the Toronto luxury department store. What's the expo about? About shoes! What else could it be?

His blog, focused on photographing shoes and amazing outfits is worldwide renowned and it's a must for everyone who loves fashion. Tommy does not consider himself as a street style, his specialty and what he loves to shoot is gorgeous people during fashion weeks, where he gets the 95% of his shots. He never studied photography, but like some people, he has "an eye" and that's what makes him one of a kind.

As everyone else he's obsessed with shoes and Celine and of course fashion weeks and most of it that what he does, but he does it in a special way, like I said, he has an eye for fashion and that what makes his blog so special and fun to watch.

Here are some photos from his Holt Renfrew exhibition.


  1. Shoes and coats are my biggest addiction.

    I'm glad you started blogging again, I was concerned.

    The images are great, really nice shoes!

  2. I was just waiting for inspiration... I was blank.
    And I'm glad you're still reading it <3