Wednesday, March 31, 2010

W Magazine

It's been a while since my last entry and I want to apologize because it has been really busy with my last school project and getting everything ready.

But, I read something that was kinda shocking and I needed to share it! W Magazine is getting a new editor, Stefani Tonchi and he has some plans I disagree with. He will be starting at W on April 12 and he already told Times that he talked with the people from Condé Nast to give the magazine a new twist, and not a good one. He's planning to make the magazine more accesible and "probably ... more of a general-interest style magazine, and less of a fashion-obsessed publication." He called W's current approach "very specific."

This is really sad and I was pissed when I read this. W is one of the magazines that always has the best shoots, the best accesories selection, society pics, interesting articles, amazing specials (like the art issue)... Its best asset are the fashion spreads and that the difference between W and MarieClaire or Elle. I think that even if it is all about high fashion, they do it in a mature way.
W Magazine always has a new take on fashion and photography and I'm really dissapointed to heard this. Hopefully they won't change that much, but it's so bad when you see something that was unique become just one more. I know that if it's accesible and stuff it sells more, more c'mon, W has thousands of readers even here in Costa Rica!

Tonchi is seeing this as a "new challenge" and one of the most shocking things is that they no longer would share staff with WWD.

I thought about W and how this magazine was the one who slapped me in the face and I realized that fashion was my passion. When I saw a photo shoot made back in 2004 with headpieces, pale faces, awesome make up and clothes from John Galliano and Junya Watanabe. I guess I'll just have to wait and see or maybe I should start picking a new favorie magazine, one that keeps that a 1000% fashion spreads, with amazing photoshoots, bizarre clothes, etc.

Here are some of my favorite editorials from W Magazine.

Madonna and Jesús Luz. By Steven Klein.

Sasha Pivovarova as a "Paper Bag Princess"

Elefants dressed in Chanel. Photographed by Bruce Weber.

Madonna photographed by Steven Klein.

Natalia Vodianova in "Metallica", dress by John Galliano for Dior. 2004.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How "unique" is Lady Gaga?

Here comes the love/hate relationship I have with Gaga, again. She's always on the spotlight and this time she is on it because of her new video Telephone featuring Beyoncé. We all have seen the video and I think it's good or fun, I haven't decided yet. I love the fact that she's wearing Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, plus Viktor & Rolf.

But here we go again, causing controversy is not everything you gotta do to sell. She is good playing piano and also her voice is not that sucky. But what bothers me the most is the fact that everyone's calling her "unique" and "original" when she's not. She and her Haus of Gaga have been "creating" things without authorization from the designer, copying things that in some cases are extremely obvious. She says it's a homage to the designer work, but I think that's plagiarism!

This is a continuos discussion with most of the people I talk, most of them agreed on how copying one thing from a famous designer is a tribute to his work, but in my opinion is NOT flattering at all. I would hate to see someone copying one of my designs and besides that, trying to steal all the credit and that's what Gaga do sometimes. The most annoying example is when she was promoting Poker Face and she's wearing a bubble dress and she never said who made it. For those who love Hussein Chalayan, we noticed inmediately that it was a knock off. And she's being doing this all the time.

I think that what makes a designer or a brand special is the fact that he or it proposes something new, something that we have never seen before. Is very different to get inspired by someone's work and another extremely diffrent thing is to copy someone's work. Inspirations and copies are two completely different words and I think many people needs to sit and think about the meaning of each of this words. I think the least you can do if you're copying a piece is give the proper credit to the right person.

And maybe this time I'm the one who's gonna cause controversy, but that's not my intention. The thing is that as a designer, and respecting the work of everyone who's a creator, we need to stand up and defend what's ours. Since the time of Charles Frederick Worth, knock offs have existed and we have to fight this as he did. This is something that happens everywhere and sometimes it happens in countries like Costa Rica, where not everyone's aware of the things that are being shown in fashion weeks or anywhere and it's easy to copy a dress or details on clothes without getting noticed. But the problem is that you're fooling your potencial customers and also yourself.

I found this pictures months ago and maybe it makes clear what I'm trying to say. I would love to show many knock offs that I've seen here in Costa Rica, but I guess I would just create lots of controversy and that's not the point of A la mode, a la mort... let's leave that to Perez Hilton or the Superficial.

Pictures from the Idolator.

Of course the knock off shows her crotch!

The original bubble dress made out of Swarovski plexiglass, from Hussein Chalayan 2007.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gabriel Navarro by Coco Vargas

Yesterday I had an amazing surprise... I was checking my facebook and I had 1 notification from Coco Vargas, a girl that I met a few months ago and I felt in love with her, and she was saying that she wrote about me.

I went to her blog and I found an entry about me and I can't be more thankful for her words. Doing what I love and getting nice reviews, amazing and strong opinions from people who really know what they're talking about is priceless.

There's nothing more rewarding than people loving what you love to do, in my case: designing. Thanks Coco for all the support given and for also writing an awesome biography for Sorry Zorrito.

Check her blog! She's a really smart writter, funny and "ácida".

Sunday, March 21, 2010

CFDA Awards

It's always great when a designer's work is recognized and award. The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) is a not-for-profit trade association of over 350 of America's foremost fashion and accessory designers. The purpose of this organization is to raise its artistic and professional standards; to define a code of ethical practices of mutual benefit in public and trade relations; and, to promote appreciation of the fashion arts through leadership in quality and aesthetic discernment.

Every year they host a the CFDA Awards, where they prize designers in different categories. This year nominees are:

Womenswear Designer of the Year
Marc Jacobs
Donna Karan
Alexander Wang

Menswear Designer of the Year
Michael Bastian
Tom Ford
David Neville & Marcus Wainwright for Rag & Bone

Accessory Designer of the Year
Alexis Bittar
Lázaro Hernández & Jack McCollough for Proenza Schouler
Marc Jacobs

Swarovski Award for Womenswear
Joseph Altuzarra
Prabal Gurung
Jason Wu

Swarovski Award for Menswear
Richard Chai
Patrik Ervell
Simon Spurr

Swarovski Award for Accessory Design
Eddie Borgo
Dana Lorenz
Alexander Wang

Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award
Michael Kors

Eugenia Sheppard Award
Kim Hastreiter, Paper Magazine

International Award
Christopher Bailey for Burberry

Board of Directors’ Special Tribute
Alexander McQueen

Fashion Icon Award

Eleanor Lambert Award
Tonne Goodman, Vogue

After checking all of the nominees I found that they're too many designers that I have to research, but I have my favorites in some of the categories, like Alexander Wang, Tom Ford, Proenza Schouler, McQueen ♥ and Iman, which I think it's a great model, legendary, gorgeous, so good looking and she's 54! And of course, I hate the fact that Michael Kors is getting I prize, I know he's huge in the U.S, but I think he's a basics designer, he has some good stuff, but not remarkable. Oh well, is Michael Kors and it's U.S and they love him, I don't. I found that there's more talented people designing.

Can't wait to see the red carpet and what everyone's gonna wear and of course the winners. Here are some photos from some of the nominees.

Alexander Wang.

Tom Ford.

Proenza Schouler.

Joseph Altuzarra.

Prabal Gurung (I LOOOOOVE this model and I have no idea who she is ♥)

♥ McQueen ♥

Friday, March 19, 2010


I think is great when two creative minds gather to create something full of beauty and esthetic. I really admire all the people who is involved in creating nice things for life. I know it might sound shallow and superficial, but I really appreciate something that is made with love and dedication. I respect designers, couturiers, chefs, artists, etc.

This week I had a chance to work with two people who I really admired, Pablo and Eka. They're both models, they have a great portfolio and a huge background modelling here in Costa Rica and outside of it too. They do not limit their work to a great photoshoot or to the runway, their love for fashion goes beyond. They make a great duo, also individually they work really well. Ekaterina Sánchez has made gorgeous shoots, photographed by her for magazines like Fantastics and And Pablo Solano has worked here and also in Mexico, doing amazing shoots, showing his potencial and his chamaleonic looks, going from preppy to rock-ish.

They both asked for my designs for a shoot and let me tell you, what they created is just amazing, it left me speechless. Soon this work is gonna be published on a fashion webzine and you'll be able to see it. By the moment I got this three photos that excited me a lot.

Like I said before, it's great when you have the opportunity of working with different people (like Matias, Gabby, Andrés, Jime, etc etc etc), from differents fields, it gives you so much knowledge and such a variety of options and points of view. This time I had a new experience and they gave my dress a new perspective and that's priceless! I really appreciate the fact that they think of me, that they value my work, because without the people who thinks I create nice things, they would never come to life.

So here I'm... chasing a dream! Hopefully I'll get there.

By the mean time, here are the photos that Pablo and Eka made for one of my pieces. And I couldn't be thankfull enough! ♥

Photography and production: Ekaterina Sánchez and Pablo Solano.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 - Video

As I promise you before, here's another entry and here's the video from McQueen's last collection.

It's amazing to see his work from close (even if it is in a video). Here you can see all the detail and the work in every one of his pieces. Starting with the dresses with their images made with an old-fashioned loom, the the shoes made out of feathers and with details of gold filigree, the embellishment. Everything from this collection was remarkable. Unique.

McQueen proposed for this season "women as a divine entity" and he made it! Models looking like Madonas, with her feathered headpieces, gorgeous dresses and incredible shoes. A work that only himself could achieve. Truly the greatest lost in fashion...

Rodarte Shoes

In an attempt to keep my mind busy, I'm doing a few entries and besides I have many thing waiting to be posted.

I was checking a design site and I found great pictures from the shoes Rodarte presented on their Fall 2010 show. The Mulleavy sisters has been doing an amazing job, given to fashion something to speak about. They always have some bizarre materials and a great conceptual base to start their collections, it's always great to see what they're gonna show and inspired their work. They do they way I like it, fully conceptual but worked in an incredible way, not too literal like some others do.

Shoes are being a great and important piece in every fashion show from the last season, designers are putting much more effort on them and that's because luxury accesories are on the top of their sales. For this season, they presented in New York quite unique shoes with great materials, great heels and of course like nothing we have seen before (like the thigh high boots that I love). Illuminated shoes! The light up heel has the appearance of dripping wax, inside of them they have led lights that makes them glow. The front part of the shoe gives the impression of a collage, thanks to the material and texture mix.

A great design from a great duo of designers. Always in the vanguard. They are giving fashion great creations to look at, to wow about. I'll be making an entry soon with my favorite collection from them, from which I felt in love long ago.

Pedro Lourenço

Paris Fashion Week always has the best designers. And season after season, there's always some surprises in it. For this fall, Pedro Lourenço surprised everyone who was invited to his debut runway show.

First of all, he's 19, that's the #1 reason why he's getting so much attention. #2, he presented a really mature collection, aclaimed by fashion editors and everyone around. He's from Brazil, his show was styled by Brana Wolf and he also has the support of KCD, a public relations firm. Of course, there's more, he's a guy full of oportunities. His parents are designers in São Paulo, he presented his first collection at the age of 8 and he used to go to Comme des Garçons' shows when he was a kid.

This fall 2010 collection, includes leathers mixed with plastic and with transparencies."Some pieces I have details made by hand, some very natural, as leather, and some very technological, as the plastic," he explained. He added that his collection is from today, from his generation, not old nor futuristic.

Working with what's making news now (rigid shapes and geometric), Pedro showed some beautiful pieces and his worked has been compared with the ones from Central Saint Martin's and with some of the things that Nicolas Ghesquière has created.

Here's comes "the word vomit", he has done a good job, but he has everything is there for him, his parents, pattern makers, help, advice, contacts, "argolla", factories to produce his clothes... So pretty much he was meant to be a designer, it was easy. The problem I see with this people (like Victoria Beckham or anyone famous and influentional) is that they have a spot already on the fashion business, they didn't have to fight for it, so I don't know how much recognition he deserves. The question is how much of HIS own design and creativity was put on his designs. Is his first collection, maybe I'm just being harsh on him and I guess it's a matter of seasons to see what he's up to. By the moment I really liked what he did, in my opinion he's mixing the old with the modern, ruffles with contemporary silhouettes and materials.

And I would really liked to see what he created when he was 8. The Tavi Gevinson of designers?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Gabriel Navarro

Este va a ser de los únicos posts que van a haber en español (aunq no he decidido si seguir el blog en inglés o en español, talvez uds podrían opinar) y la razón es porque quería compartir con uds. el primer artículo que han escrito de mí. me ofreció un espacio para presentar mi trabajo con imágenes y a la vez para escribir un poco de mi, de como empezó todo esto llamado moda para mí, que ahora es mi pasión. Para que este artículo fuera posible, hubieron muchas personas involucradas y la verdad debo agradecerles por ayudarme a lograrlo. Gracias a Miguel, a Coco Vargas, Matias Sauter, Andrés Orozco y a los modelos: Erick Phillips ♥, Marisela Alfaro, Priscilla Milasich, Mayahuel Zumbado, Roberto Quirós y a Gabriela León (maquillaje) y Jimena Rojas (pelo).

Aquí está una compilación de lo que ha sido más o menos mi trabajo desde que empecé en la carrera de diseño de modas y ha sido genial, llena de altibajos, de aciertos, de fallos... pero en ese proceso creo que realmente he llegado a conocerme a mi, a conocer el mercado, a lograr una personalidad más fuerte como diseñador, a entender, a adoptar y usar los recursos que he tenido.

Estando a punto de terminar una etapa, la presentación de mi tesis, es demasiado satisfactorio, poder ver mi trabajo plasmado en fotografías de personas que tienen un gran potencial, una gran creatividad y crean obras de arte con su trabajo.

Siempre he pensado que la moda como tal no debe de ser ajena a su entorno, debe de dejarse empapar de todo lo que ocurre a su alrededor, por eso es increíblemente rico el tener la oportunidad de trabajar con gente como Matias, Andrés, Gaby, Manuel, Jimena, etc. La moda debe de responder a la actualidad, a lo que pasa en el mundo, a un sentir, todo esto junto con la visión e interpretación del diseñador.

Así que once again gracias por leer mi blog, espero vean mi trabajo como diseñador y comenten si quieren y dejenme saber que piensan de mi trabajo.

Aquí está una copia del texto que fue publicado en SorryZorrito:

"Gabriel Navarro es diseñador de modas, actualmente a punto de presentar su tesis. Estudió arquitectura durante tres años en la Universidad de Costa Rica antes de cambiarse a una disciplina que limitara menos sus ideas y ejercicio. Su trabajo se caracteriza por ser dual, entre otras cosas, por acercar los principios de la Arquitectura con las posibilidades de la Moda.

Aquí una selección de sus diseños.

Texto: Coco Vargas.
Concrete y vestido de novia: Andrés Orozco.
Cubo, Cocoon y Remodelarte: Matias Sauter.
Remodelarte: Priscilla Milasich.
Cocoon: Mayahuel Zumbado.
Vestido de novia: Marisela Alfaro.
Concrete: Marisela Alfaro y Erick Phillips.
Cubo: Roberto Quirós.
Concrete y vestido de novia: Gabriela León.
Concrete y vestido de novia: Jimena Rojas.

Remodelarte. Juego de reconstrucción.

La transformación de piezas nunca ha sido un trabajo fácil, la mayoría sabe que es mejor iniciar de cero con un patrón en papel, que partir de las costuras de alguien más para dar un nuevo estilo a una prenda, ese era el reto, un reto superado con honores por Gabriel Navarro!

La combinación de telas muy fuertes y estructuradas en un traje igual elegante y contemporáneo, recuerda un poco aquella figura de inicios del siglo XX, la figura de "the Gibson Girls", mujeres que empezaban a emanciparse y buscaban un poco de comodidad en medio de las exigencias de la época, igualmente este diseño de prendas intervenidas, contiene elementos como las mangas anchas o mangas de cordero y la cintura bien ceñida, pero con la originalidad insuperable de la combinación de detalles en cada pieza, los apliqués del superior suavizan una prenda de gran peso. Y el volumen en la falda balancea una figura femenina y fuerte a la vez. Dualidad en cada detalle!

content="Word.Document" name="ProgId">< content="Microsoft Word 12" name="Generator">Prendas intervenidas, lo mismo para una consciencia global, como para ser realmente utilizadas, en un conjunto que mezcla dos favoritos de todos los tiempos, lunares y rayas. Los detalles en cortes del pantalón corto favorecerían cualquier figura y se convierte en el complemento ideal para una blusa delicada, suave y amplia, cuyos detalles gritan ¨ejecutiva moderna¨.

Cocoon, amor por lo bizarro!

Esta colección tiene como principal inspiración a la excelente artista Bjôrk, con su pieza Cocoon y aunque en ese vídeo no aparece ropa en absoluto, sí recuerda como es que lo que creás termina por envolverte y atraparte… eje de esta colección! (En mi opinión el momento en que Gabriel Navarro entra a una profunda metamorfosis de su estilo, en un ´capullo` de experimentación!)

Estructura, Combinación, Estética… el canesú amplísimo de la prenda inferior refleja la femineidad de la silueta joven, pero con la particularidad de ser ejecutada en Jaquard, una tela normalmente relegada a cortinas y cubrecamas, hoy nos deleita con lo complejo de su tejido y la belleza de su caída por ser una tela de gran peso. Combinada con la suavidad y reflejo que da el satín y la cualidad vaporosa del tul, en un conjunto que bien podría ser llamado ¨Texturas Visuales¨ pues lo mismo se puede disfrutar de verlo que de sentirlo!

Encaje, uno de los elementos más delicados, se une a la combinación de varios tejidos, en un ¨statement¨ de Expresionismo, un estilo vanguardista que no teme arriesgarse con una figura suelta, grandes detalles y la combinación nada tradicional de colores muy intensos, sus acentos provocan la mirada en un estilo muy complejo y lleno de color!

Traje de novia, un reto y proyecto personal

Cuando estás acostumbrado a expresarte, a dejar que sea tu propio estilo el que prevalezca, generalmente la lectura de indicaciones o sugerencias de otros, se vuelve inútil, pero un diseñador profesional debe tener ambas capacidades. En este caso un ejemplo claro de cómo el estilo trasciende y se puede moldear.

Esta propuesta ideada, diseñada y realizada para la satisfacción de una necesidad específica, presenta los elementos que una novia tradicional añora para su traje, pero con la visión renovada de Gabriel se convierte en una obra Rococó, con sobreposiciones de tela en la falda, que evocan los pétalos de una rosa, muy acorde con el detallado trabajo de rosas en un escote de hombro caído ejecutado con la elegancia de una cornisa renacentista!

Cubo, cubismo prêt à porter!

Gabriel Navarro ama la interpretación, nunca toma las cosas literalmente, en sus interpretaciones tiene la capacidad de conceptualizar la complejidad del cubismo en prendas de vestir, especialmente en sus chaquetas, las cuales sin duda alguna, llevan sello distintivo!

Cortes innovativos, arriesgados, originales, únicos… los tonos de la colección hablan mucho de una obra gris, de una obra en construcción, con detalles acabados! Los tonos del concreto tanto seco como húmedo, mezclados con la delicadeza del amarillo y el rosa…

Chaleco en 3 tonos, cada tono incluido en un corte, solo esta prenda vestiría hasta un pantalón de mezclilla roto, sin sacarlo de su contemporaneidad… en este caso acompañado por un pantalón representante de la rebeldía contra un sistema, realizado en un tono nada tradicional de amarillo, mantiene la particularidad de los cortes, en este caso en tono más oscuro y con sorprendente naturalidad logra agradar a la vista y alagar al cuerpo!

La sencillez de un detalle crea diferencia y establece el atractivo visual, es el caso de esta chaqueta en rosa pastel, nada tradicional, pero con un corte clásico, combinación apropiada y sofisticación instantánea! El tono gris claro del pantalón con ¨ruedo francés¨ en tela superpuesta del mismo tono que el detalle de la chaqueta, pone en conjunto toda la propuesta!

Chaqueta cuyos cortes asimétricos crean una pieza exclusiva, versátil y muy atractiva, es la deconstrucción de las partes internas de una prenda, en el patrón de papel, para construir una prenda con cortes originales, diferentes, sólidos, lineales, sobrios… exclusividad es la palabra para describirla, respeta la forma y proporciones corporales es atrevida y actual!

Concrete, la concretización de una visión!

En la vida, todo es un constante evolucionar, y si durante su colección ¨Cocoon¨, Gabriel se encontraba en un proceso de metamorfosis, he aquí el nacimiento de su estilo, es todo lo que le define como hombre, plasmado en una colección tan propia, tan llena de sí, que con solo un vistazo, sabrás que son prendas de Gabriel Navarro!

Concreto: material para construcción de obras

Concreto: claro, sencillo, puntual

Por supuesto el tono gris es el básico de Gabriel, no solo hace excelente referencia a sus orígenes, si no que es parte de esa dualidad claro/oscura que define todo lo que hace, combinado con el tono más claro del verde en la naturaleza, el verde ´tierno`, el que tienen las plantas al nacer!

Vestido de corte imperio, ejecutado en elegante tafetán que permite elegantes volúmenes en áreas muy favorecedoras, siempre respetando la estructura del diseño con un profundo escote corazón, su atractivo, más allá de la belleza misma está en la complejidad curiosamente mezclada con la sencillez!

Las chaquetas sin lugar a dudas son su fuerte, y ésta, de corte más ejecutivo ofrece elegancia, pero está diseñada para una mujer sofisticada, con un interesante corte que enfatiza agradablemente la cintura y disimula elegantemente la cadera, este es un ¨must have¨ pues lo mismo se lleva con prendas ejecutivas, con jeans para un look menos casual o como ´sobre todo` en ocasiones más formales, 1 prenda toda la versatilidad incluída!

Esta chaqueta representa un desafío a las posibilidades, tiene tantas perspectivas como días tiene la semana… es original, única y 100% funcional, las sobreposiciones en hombro son modernas y atrevidas, la elegancia de los detalles, incluido el forro, atraen desde todo punto de vista! Representa a la perfección las horas de composición de un diseño, donde se conjugan muchos factores, pero ninguno se deja al azar!

Cortes, característica predominante en este conjunto… las solapas de la chaqueta detalladas, armadas, estructuradas a modo post.modernista, con aristas y vértices, la camisa con sus cortes originales y estratégicos, pues además favorecen la figura masculina, es clásico pero tiene esos detalles que le hacen tan distinto, tan novedoso, tan Gabriel Navarro!


Si existiera una palabra para describir a cada persona, Gabriel Navarro sería, sin lugar a dudas, el representante de la palabra ¨DUALIDAD¨, la unión de dos características diferentes en una misma persona.

De niño, su pasión era el dibujo de detalladas estructuras y edificios, pero cuando se trataba de caracterizar a sus personajes en tareas, nadie se esmeraba más por los vestuarios, de hecho, muchos de esos vestuarios eran inspirados en los atuendos que utilizaba su mamá, quien por su buen sentido del estilo, fue y sigue siendo una gran influencia.

Aún así, su primer amor es la Arquitectura y cuando llega el momento, decide llevarla en la Universidad de Costa Rica, durante 3 años estuvo persiguiendo lo que tanta pasión le provocaba, pero en ese punto de sus estudios, se encontró con la rigidez de un sistema que limitaba sus ideas, esto le molestaba sobre manera y acabó por dejar su ¨arquitectónico¨ destino, por lo menos como carrera y decide cambiar de profesión, pues su visión de la vida es más vanguardista y en sus esquemas, la rigidez de una estructura debe ir acompañada de delicadeza en detalles e ideas ilimitadas y cuál mejor lugar para la delicadeza que en medio de las telas y las curvas corporales?

Esto marca el inicio de un arte en sí mismo, que mezcla los principios básicos de la Arquitectura y las posibilidades ilimitadas que ofrece el Diseño de Moda, lo mejor de ambos mundos, manifestándose en OPUESTOS, pues en sus diseños logra combinar las telas más rígidas, con las más delicadas; los cortes lineales con las curvas del cuerpo; todo en perfecta armonía, respetando principios básicos de la Arquitectura y del Diseño de Moda. Cada pieza suya es una manifestación de dualismo!

Pero en la persecución de los sueños siempre hay obstáculos y cuando decide dejar la primer carrera, sus padres no aceptan el cambio, como era de esperarse… esto le obliga a costearse los estudios de diseño y lejos de disminuir su voluntad, la fortalece y refuerza, solamente para brindarle mucha más autonomía y libertad en lo profesional, lo mismo que en la vida.

En la actualidad, las perspectivas de Gabriel Navarro se plasman en originales diseños que ofrecen un atractivo visual, por la variedad y complejidad de sus cortes ejecutados con gran detalle, pero sobre todo con la visión de quien ha construido un estilo y se perfila a la consolidación del mismo!

Indudablemente, todos aquellos conocimientos adquiridos en otro momento, hoy le permiten expresar una voz en sus prendas, no es solo moda, es Moda que refleja la Arquitectura, tiene un sentido claro y esto es algo de lo que carecen algunos otros diseñadores y aspirantes contemporáneos.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I really apologize for not writing. There has been so many things going on and it was almost imposible to keep posting entries on the blog. My graduation project is almost done and it drains all of my free time to blog. But I'll post, soon more things. I just got a video with details from the last Alexander McQueen collection and I plan to posted soon.

Thank you for all your visits and for reading/watching/hiting on A la mode, a la mort.

At the moment I leave you a song, that couldn't be more perfect. Shirley Bassey plus a song with a song that describes a feeling and many moooore. A classic! ♥

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yay! 1500 hits!

I really wanted to thank everyone who has ever visit A la mode, a la mort! I never thought that I could get as many visits as I have. And the blog is to share things that I like and that you could be interested in. So I really thank you for following the blog, for visiting, hiting, commenting and for everything.

It's really cool to know that you're liking it, it makes me feel like posting more entries and I will.

Feel free to comment on every entry, to make some critics, to say whatever you feel like saying. And again, thank you for all the support giving in the last months! It wouldn't be the same without you!