Friday, March 19, 2010


I think is great when two creative minds gather to create something full of beauty and esthetic. I really admire all the people who is involved in creating nice things for life. I know it might sound shallow and superficial, but I really appreciate something that is made with love and dedication. I respect designers, couturiers, chefs, artists, etc.

This week I had a chance to work with two people who I really admired, Pablo and Eka. They're both models, they have a great portfolio and a huge background modelling here in Costa Rica and outside of it too. They do not limit their work to a great photoshoot or to the runway, their love for fashion goes beyond. They make a great duo, also individually they work really well. Ekaterina Sánchez has made gorgeous shoots, photographed by her for magazines like Fantastics and And Pablo Solano has worked here and also in Mexico, doing amazing shoots, showing his potencial and his chamaleonic looks, going from preppy to rock-ish.

They both asked for my designs for a shoot and let me tell you, what they created is just amazing, it left me speechless. Soon this work is gonna be published on a fashion webzine and you'll be able to see it. By the moment I got this three photos that excited me a lot.

Like I said before, it's great when you have the opportunity of working with different people (like Matias, Gabby, Andrés, Jime, etc etc etc), from differents fields, it gives you so much knowledge and such a variety of options and points of view. This time I had a new experience and they gave my dress a new perspective and that's priceless! I really appreciate the fact that they think of me, that they value my work, because without the people who thinks I create nice things, they would never come to life.

So here I'm... chasing a dream! Hopefully I'll get there.

By the mean time, here are the photos that Pablo and Eka made for one of my pieces. And I couldn't be thankfull enough! ♥

Photography and production: Ekaterina Sánchez and Pablo Solano.

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