Friday, March 5, 2010

♥ Balenciaga Fall 2010: WOW!

I'm not a full time blogger, so it would be a little hard to keep updating about each and every single collection presented in all fashion weeks, so what I do is chose which ones I think are highlights and post a little something about them.

Paris, is for me the best of all fashion weeks. Besides all the great designers like Dior, Chanel, Comme des Garçons, etc, they always have the best materials, shapes, finishings and the most avant-garde looks from all.
Now's Balenciaga's turn. Since Nicolas Ghesquière got into Balenciga the house has experience a great evolution. Since his start, he's trying to mix the classic look that Cristóbal propused back in the days with his own personal view in fashion. Ghesquière is, for me, one of the most modern and forward looking designers of this era. You can that in his clothes, in the materials he chooses for his designs. Watching details shots for each piece, makes you feel amazed of the work, detail and techonology present in whatever he makes.

For Fall 2010, he presented a collection full of a space era feeling mixed with the 70's. The materials: synthetic foam and plywood (weird I know!). "I was working on something domestic. Casual things mixed with classic. And a kind of rigidity," he said. On this season pieces, you can see everything from geometric, fur, collages, stiff, matte, shine, cashmere. It's a whole new proposal in the fashion world and of course it came from Ghesquière, a genius.

THE SHOES! "Block-heeled loafers with brogues with the soles encased in chunks of platic", as described by Sarah Mower. In my opinion, mind-blowing shoes! An amazing design, mixing classic (loafers) with a complex heel made of chunks, squares and different patterns and materials. These are the kind of shoes that you either love them or hate them. Me, I LOVE them.

Another interesting thing about the collection was the colors (pale blue, tangerine, brown and aqua) and the machine-perforated fabric trimmed with embroidery. This is part of the creation of a guy that's always pushing boundaries, creating fashion for the 21st century, evolutionazing a house that was created decades ago and putting it it an actual context, succesfully.

I love fur! Sorry whoever might be offended with this statement. Besides that I think that the material mix is great. Look at the detail on the arms of the coat.

Great color selection!

The shape of this top, plus the color and the details of it makes it amazing.

This coat might look simple. But if you check every cut and detail in it is WOW! Great construction, great structure, amazingly detailed.

Machine-perforated fabric ♥



  1. I Love the shoe construction, and clothes as well, it has a rough sense of architectural shapes, which I adore.
    Thanks for posting. :P
    I love you Gabsi.

  2. que belleza de zapatosssssss estan increibleees! <3

  3. The Shoes are absolutely fabulous! For real! they look just so fashion forward, loved the colors and shapes!