Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pedro Lourenço

Paris Fashion Week always has the best designers. And season after season, there's always some surprises in it. For this fall, Pedro Lourenço surprised everyone who was invited to his debut runway show.

First of all, he's 19, that's the #1 reason why he's getting so much attention. #2, he presented a really mature collection, aclaimed by fashion editors and everyone around. He's from Brazil, his show was styled by Brana Wolf and he also has the support of KCD, a public relations firm. Of course, there's more, he's a guy full of oportunities. His parents are designers in São Paulo, he presented his first collection at the age of 8 and he used to go to Comme des Garçons' shows when he was a kid.

This fall 2010 collection, includes leathers mixed with plastic and with transparencies."Some pieces I have details made by hand, some very natural, as leather, and some very technological, as the plastic," he explained. He added that his collection is from today, from his generation, not old nor futuristic.

Working with what's making news now (rigid shapes and geometric), Pedro showed some beautiful pieces and his worked has been compared with the ones from Central Saint Martin's and with some of the things that Nicolas Ghesquière has created.

Here's comes "the word vomit", he has done a good job, but he has everything is there for him, his parents, pattern makers, help, advice, contacts, "argolla", factories to produce his clothes... So pretty much he was meant to be a designer, it was easy. The problem I see with this people (like Victoria Beckham or anyone famous and influentional) is that they have a spot already on the fashion business, they didn't have to fight for it, so I don't know how much recognition he deserves. The question is how much of HIS own design and creativity was put on his designs. Is his first collection, maybe I'm just being harsh on him and I guess it's a matter of seasons to see what he's up to. By the moment I really liked what he did, in my opinion he's mixing the old with the modern, ruffles with contemporary silhouettes and materials.

And I would really liked to see what he created when he was 8. The Tavi Gevinson of designers?


  1. estan interesantes los diseños la verdad... y tenes razon, nunca sabremos que % de talento exitste entre tanta lluvia de influencias y oportunidades que este mae ha tenido.

    btw esta re-guapo el cabron (tenia q ser brasileño, que es? q ahi los hacen con sabor jeejej )

  2. He certainly had some luck on his side by having designers as parents, although his work does deserve some credit, I did like it, not sure if all pieces are that wearable but it is indeed different and somewhat fresh. If we get to see further collections and an evolution on his work he could deff become a recognized figure in the fashion industry.

    PS: He's real cute ;-)