Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alexander McQueen: last collection ever

I've on twitter the whole day waiting for someone to tweet about the presentation/memorial for Alexander McQueen, in which they were going to show his last collection. And finally it's up! I just found it and I'm having mixed feelings, not about the clothes... but it feels weird to know that this is the last designs that we're going to see from him. It's sad and I'm not over it yet.

I don't know the exact location where they presented the collection, but it looks like a palazzo. As far as I know, they presented 16 looks each of them, INCREDIBLE. You can look at each and every one of the pieces and you'll be amazed on the amount of work and detail that they have. Each piece is unique. McQueen's collection was beyond anything ever seen before, as he always did. Pushing boundaries in shape and material and prints.

For Fall 2010-2011, he chose to work with the same textile technology that he used for the last season, but this time worked with a different theme. The prints on the clothes are made out of paintings from Middle Age and Bizantine.

I'll post some of the photos I found, when I get more and also extra information, I'll make an update.

My favorite ♥

I would always have a feeling of uncertainty and sadness. Thinking about all that Lee could has achieve as designer. He was the greatest and he had no limitations and such a bright future ahead. He will always me missed. He left an unfillable space in fashion.

R.I.P Lee.


  1. OMG your favorite is MY favorite too.. It's so.. Royal(?)!

    I liked several outfits as well, it appears to be a great collection!

  2. I LOVE the last one ♥

  3. the last one is amazing!
    it's so dramatic!
    the feathers, the skirt, the tulle, everything!

  4. fabuleux! le derniere c'est le mieux! Mc Queen is so ethereal and eternal..... it is so depressing that he is gone (he being my favorite designer), but I wonder who will take over the Alexander McQueen house? Out of all the designers that are out there, nobody can really look at the mcQueen archives and keep the consistency of Mc Queen's spring kaleidoscopic patterns, fall feathers, and resort lacing.... Riccardo Tisci is the one that i can relate to the most because of the gothic style and feathers for the fall but he is no good in spring patterns...

  5. It's really sad that he's gone! I can't still believe it.
    I have no idea who will take over the house... I think it's a really hard job to do, I think McQueen is unreplaceable, he work was unique, they way he was able to mix modern and clasic, tailoring and avant-garde... He was the only one with such a strong signature, you could look at any piece and you could tell which one was a McQueen and which was not.
    Let's wait and see...