Wednesday, March 3, 2010

McQueen's Pre-Fall Collection

I know I keep doing McQueen posts, but this one is from something new. This morning I received an email saying that Alexander McQueen's pre-fall collection was out so I had to check the photos. As always, it's amazing to see his work, his unique tailoring and of course a collection that is full of creativity.

McQueens runways has always being like a story, they have a start and an ending, and the dresses, materials, shapes are different. Usually for pre-fall, designers chose a showroom to present their collection to buyers and press, because the production behind a runway is too expensive and complex. Starting with some great suits, with a traditional tailored cut most of them in tweed or wool, all in tones of gray, white with some lace appliqués and of course amazing shoes (platform, high heeled).

After the gray suits, came some amazing designs with patterns created digitally, all in black and white, giving the impression of plaited cords. Of course there was leather and also the same pattern used for his "Bone Collector" menswear collection. Amazing fur and after this came the black pieces. They were not bold black, the fabric gives the impression of having like a fur-y texture.

Lee, always had an attraction to royal clothes, to Napoleon and he uses for this pre-fall collection details that reminds us the coat that Napoleon used to wear, of course in different colors. Lace-y dresses, assymetric skirts, tulle, layers, chiffon, great patterns, construction, structure...

The McQueen taste always always comes up in his collection, you can always tell it's from him what you're seeing. It will always be a shame that he passed out. I will always make sure to keep him alive. And this collection, plus the one that's going to be presented in Paris Fashion Week are going to be epic and reminded by everyone. His last two collections before killing himself.

Hopefully someday there will be someone who gives me the excitement and all those mixed feelings that only McQueen used to give me. Thanks God for internet and for archives, 'cause I'll never be tired of him, I'll keep checking each and every collection and that will be my memorial for him.

R.I.P McQueen

I guess comments on each photo are not necessary, they speak for themselves.


  1. Oh boy it's so McQueen! As you said you can always tell it's him, just by looking at it!

    I wonder how dramatic his last collection presented in Paris is going to be. This pre-collection is way cool! I loved the first suit and the eagle print on the jacket above! am I wrong? or those are non-heeled shoes??

  2. And it was a dress not a jacket* I got too excited checking the pics out!

  3. Creativity has no limits when you're experiencing extreme emotions, so I guess it's going to be a very strong collection.
    I can't wait to see it.
    And this pre-fall is just great, another McQueen master piece, another great collection to be remembered.
    The details are amazing, specially the patterns, prints, embroidery, cut... and of course the eagle ♥

  4. Here's a photo from the shoes, so you can see them:
    ♥ them!

  5. Oh I see! it was the angle then that made it look like it had no heel!

  6. Los Zapatos se me hacen super scottish, como una version femenina de los Ghillie Brogues -->

  7. Son super scottish!
    Y super McQueen a la vez!
    El mae los uso para recibir un premio en Inglaterra una vez, para ir al Met Museum y para en funeral de Isabella Blow.