Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Balenciaga: Spanish Master

"Balenciaga: Spanish Master" is the name of the new exposition in honor of Cristóbal Balenciaga, conceived by Oscar De La Renta (who began his career working with him) and curate by Vogue's Editor-at-Large, Hamish Bowles. Both team up to celebrate and also show the work of this amazing Spanish designer known by all.

One of the goals of this exposition is to investigate the impact of Spanish art, culture and history on Balenciaga's designs. To achieve this investigation, the expo includes more than 70 designs from Cristóbal and also traditional Spanish garnments and artworks, with this, all people attending will be able to see what influenced this designer's work.

The exhibition will take place at the Queen Sofia Institute and then it will be moved to the Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco, where the Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent's expos were presented a few years ago. One of the most important facts of this exposition is - not only the fact that they pay homage to one of the greatest designers in history - to raise awareness of the important and the legacy of the Spanish culture.

As Hamish Bowles said, Balenciaga's work has been influenced by flamenco dance costumes, matadores, Goya, Velázquez and many other inspirations. He made an incredible work for this exhibition, from research and hunting around the world to get as many Balenciaga pieces as possible. He also got access to the Balenciaga archive (my biggest dream of course) and help from Nicolas Ghesquière.

Added to the amazing collection of designs, art and traditional Spanish costumes, there will be a selection of videos created Tom Kublin, one of Balenciaga's friend, who documented his work from the late 1950's through to his retirement in 1968. And also, there will be a catalogue, wrote by Hamish Bowles and some of the photographs included in this, are from Craig McDean.

This exhibition, with designs from one of the greatest couturiers, plus an amazing team like De La Renta, McDean and Hamish Bowles will make of it a huge success. So whoever's going to New York before February 19th MUST visit the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute. Is mandatory! This is one of those expos that if I were rich I would spend whatever amount to travel from wherever the hell I am just to visit it. Balenciaga's work is one of a kind. Like it or not, he was a great designer and his legacy is unique. Is like talking about Dior or Chanel, they're classics and it's part of Fashion History.

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