Saturday, February 6, 2010

Los Abrazos Rotos

After a long wait, I went yesterday to the movies to watch Pedro Almodóvar's new movie: "Los Abrazos Rotos". I was so excited to watch Penélope Cruz and the cast and of course Almodóvar's new production.

It wasn't dissapointing at all. A great production, one of Almodóvar's finest. Everything was taken care of: locations, hair, make-up, lightning, cameras and of course clothes. Something I've noticed in all of his movies is how he uses red in many of the elements of the scenography. Critics said that this movie is the most expensive from the director and you can see it in its quality, editing and for me, in the costume design.

Penélope Cruz looked gorgeous in each and every scene. Her style was great. Dressed in tailor suits when she was a secretary, very propper with her pencil skirts, tailored suits, big blouses and shirts.

Macarena García, costume designer for the movie chose a style that was really appropiate for the decade (the 90's), dressing Penélope in great suits from Chanel, lots of gold chains, big hair and high heels. One of the most outstanding outfits (because of its tacky-ness) is one little black dress, full of chains, BIG chains and Chanel logos and the typical camelias all over.

I ADORE Penélope in spanish movies, I think she's a great actress as long as she's speaking in spanish. When she acts in U.S movies, she loses her strength, her power and also her charm. But watching her in "Los Abrazos Rotos" made me love her again.

If you watch the movie (and if you appreciate fashion), check all of her suits, her jewelry and the little black dress from Chanel and of course the amazing red tailored suit with embroidery in the front that I can almost assure that is from Christian Dior's Couture collection matched with the classic Chanel 2.55 bag.

Great movie! ♥


  1. impresionante pelicula... yo como buen cartago queria aplaudir la final jaajajaja

    hablando en serio... no existe otra actriz que hubiera podido hacer ese papel.... PENELOPE RULES... y la direccion artistica de la peli es realmente impresionante.