Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lady Gaga at the Brit Awards 2010

Lady Gaga and I, we have a love/hate relationship. When I'm starting loving her, she comes out with something that makes me hate her. So I guess is just the way our relationship works.

I was looking forward to see her presentation at the Brit Awards, specially after I saw her outfits and the headpiece. On stage, wearing a body suit by Alex Noble and a Marie-Antoinette-like wig she performed Telephone on a piano mixed with some of her hit songs. The sculpture of her was amazing, it had the armadillo shoes and also she named Alexander McQueen on the lyrics, saying: "We miss you so bad, Lee" :'(

This presentation is for my, her best so far. She sounds good and also she's wearing pieces I like. A lil' bit too much but OK for stage. Maybe I'm just liking her because of the fact that she made a mini tribute to man I most admired: McQueen.

Here's her performance at the Brits and please make sure not to miss the sculpture.


  1. Mi corazón se llena un poco de felicidad al leer este post. ;D

  2. Que intensa esta presentación... Que hiciera la pose Vogue al final estuvo entretenido, por decir algo!