Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lily Allen leaves music

Lily Allen is ditching music for Fashion. “Fashion is now what I’m doing—it’s a whole new adventure for me,” she said. She's decided to make a career in fashion but thanks gosh she's not gonna try to be a designer like eeeeeveryone else. Instead of doing the same-old-celeb-line she's launching a vintage project called "Lucy in Disguise" with her sister Sarah Owen.

“To me, the idea of music and fashion being separate is just not possible—one can’t exist without the other. Look back to the Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood. They’ve always had music, fashion, and design all mixed together,” she said. The project will launch on Vintage at Goodwood festival before moving to a permanent place. This festival hosts vintage dealers, stalls and more. The goal is to re-create "a unique 'retro' atmosphere from the 1940s through to the 80s," according to the Telegraph.

Both Lily and Sarah are getting advice from vintage fashion gurus from England. “The thing I love about vintage is that it’s all incredibly well made, like Chanel—it lasts forever. Hopefully, Lucy in Disguise will be an education as well, teaching customers there’s something other than mass-produced rubbish.”

Knowing that she's not creating another celeb line, with a famous name and no concept and design at all is a BIG relief. There's too many artists just giving their names to shallow collections, really plain and basic. Gwen Stefani for me is an exception, I'm not sure if she's designing the whole line, but at least you know that she's taking care of the whole design process 'cause you can see her signature and style in every piece made for L.A.M.B.

Victoria Beckham is one that I'm not sure if she's really designing the pieces for her collection, she's really close to designer Roland Mouret and you can totally see his style and cut in her pieces. I guess we'll never know.

One of my favorite shoot from her, before she went completely nuts wearing wigs and ridiculous things on stage. Photo by Karl Lagerfeld.

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