Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion Blogger!?

Someone got remove from her/his front row seat... And that place was given to a 5 year old kid!!!! I know I've being blogging about fashion and the things I like for more than a month, that doesn't make a fashion critic or anything, my blog is a share-thing. But c'mon, be serious! A 5 year old kid blogging and making fashion "reviews" it's impossible. She can't even distinct the color properly.

To make a review on fashion you must at least know something about fashion! People who work for magazines, editors, critics (Anna Wintour, Plum Sykes, Sarah Mower, Tim Blanks, etc), they know the business, trends, material, shapes, previous collections, designers... I know she looks cute and stuuf, but BE SERIOUS! If you want fashion to not be critized as a superficial industry, that people really see it as the serious and complex business it is... Sitting a girl that doesn't even know how to write it's an insult.

This might sound like a hate entry, but the thing is that this kids, blogging about fashion, being invited to Fashion TV, to Style, etc just makes us (designers, students, reviewers,etc) as fools. I really hope this is a joke, 'cause like I said, to write about fashion YOU HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT FASHION! Is not a matter of like, dislike, hate, love. There's more about fashion: concept, inspiration, colors, textures, balance, shape, rhythm, contrast, patterns and I could name a thousand things more.

I like people to love my designs but it might be offensive if a 5 year old kid just use my invitation as a sketch book, drawing hearts and peace signs on it. Judge if you have a critical criterion.

So you rather have your kid on a fashion show, front row than having her at kinder garden?! WOW!

Nice friends for a 5 year old! Maybe at 6 she could get to rehab!

Deep DEEP review! -.-'

UPDATE: So a few days after I made this entry, I found out that it was a joke! I got so mad and I made a hate entry and everything and the whole thing was not real. Anyways... Soon I'll be posting about Tavi, the 13 year-old blogger who was the target of this joke.

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  1. yo la odio un poco.
    sabés que es el problema, que yo realmente creo en la gente que estudia moda, que estudian para ser editores, que saben del tema, que critican una colección con fundamento.
    tavi es una niña, si muy cute y demás, pero ese lugar lo debe ocupar alguien que de verdad lo merezca. si tavi fuera tan buena blogger y supiera tanto, sus entrevistas p style.com no delatarían que tiene 13 años.