Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brit Awards 2010

One of the latest red carperts was the one for the Brit Awards 2010 and I found some interesting things. On its 30th edition, many artists presented the awards and also performed on stage. Like Lady Gaga, who dedicated her presentation to Alexander McQueen and thanked him and all the designers who helped her get dressed for the evening gala, while she sang Telephone on a piano with a statue of herself wearing the Armadillo shoes.Tom Ford, who gave the award to Florence & The Machine, said ""I feel so underdressed next to lady Gaga. How amazing did she look?" I somehow agree with him, she doesn't look that bad. The headpiece/mask was amazing and the bodysuit was perfect for the stage. The dress she wore for the red carpet + the headpiece was too much (as always).

So here are some pictures from the Brit Awards plus my comments about them.

First of all she looks like a cross between a priest and Marie Antoinette. I like both things, but separately. And sorry, but I HATE her foolish way of posing. She looks retarded.

Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan... or should I say "bad" for lashes. She looks really silly and clown-ish. The hat, the cape, the bag, the eye lash. WRONG!

Lilly Allen (looking awful) in Chanel. This dress reminds me a lot of Lady Gaga in the VMAs, maybe because of the shape of the dress. I know both dresses are completely different but I couldn't help but thinking of Gaga when I first saw her.

Alesha Dixon (I have NO idea who she is) wearing Dolce&Gabbana... There's something about the Dolce dresses that I've seen in the last red carpets, they look cheap, first Britney, then Kylie, now this random chic. The fabric looks like bought in Chepe Centro and it's very hoochie.

Alicia Keys in Balmain. She tried, at the AMAs, to look edgy and it was a failure. For the Brit Awards she wore Balmain, with its incredible shoulder pads and she looked gorgeous, besides being a great singer.

Courtney Love ♥ in Miu Miu. I think she's unique. Junkie and messy and whatever you wanna call her you, gotta give her some credit this time. She looks sober and the embellished dress is really cute and looks good on her.

Great on stage. Fail for the red carpet. I don't know when nipples made a come back, but she was flashing some (plus other things flashed).

Florence Welch in Roksanda Ilincic. Has like a gothic look, but with her pale skin and the red hair I think she looks gorgeous.

Katherine Jenkis in Alexander McQueen. Satin dress, with the Queen printed on it. Love the cut, speacially on the top part of it.

Lilly Allen has a weird sense of humor and on this awards she look ridiculous. I hate the Chanel dress plus the wigs. And in this photo she's using the same color and hairdo as Vivienne Westwood. And that doesn't make her look good, clown-ish is what I would say.

But here, with her Givenchy dress and a normal wig she loos way better.

As a friend says "no one does it like the english people" and I guess it's true. If you check all the pictures from the show you will see many great dresses and some pretty ugly things. So, you judge.

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