Sunday, January 31, 2010

WTF #1

I've been posting things I like and also interesting and stuff. We all know about the Alexander McQueen shoes from his Spring 2010 collection, the Armadillo shoes. I personally ADORE them and they're a piece of art and if I were a woman I'll be dying to have them.

We saw Lady Gaga wearing them on her "Bad Romance" video, also with a matching dress from McQueen. Then, Daphne Guinness wore them for a red carpet and she looked awesome as always.

And now we have another one: Kelis, wearing the Armadillo shoes. But... WTF!? Something went completely wrong with this "styling". Some artists can pull off the avant garde look and the absurd pieces, but... This pictures left me speechless. I can't even believe they're real. Seem like a joke.

#1 That spiky head band = FAIL!
#2 The frac (I mean, they're cool but it depends on how you wear them)
#3 That f**king latex jumpsuit + THE camel toe! This got to a point where is OFFENSIVE and vulgar! FAIL!
#4 The "pony tail" or braids looks like if she ripped off from a horse!
#5 Those faaaake and absurd eye lashes + the color = FAIL
#6 The chain that goes from both ears to the septum... I don't even know what to say.

Ok, so we have 6 or more things. Mix them. And put them all together on Kelis' body! (not that I don't like her). But you see this and all you can think is: WTF!

I know avant garde and "weird" and extreme calls press attention and also from fans (look at Lady Caca)... but respect yourself! Do NOT dress as a clown and I think this is a look that not everyone is able to pull off. It's a matter of attitude and also of knowing what looks good on you and what doesn't.

Just my thoughts...
You judge and comment!


  1. Extremely ridiculous and LAME!

    It's rather trashy!

  2. trashy!
    camel toe-y!

    un fail total el de esta mae!

  3. wjajaja
    que es ese asco
    sera que los cameltoes estan in?
    mal mal mal...