Friday, January 8, 2010

Lisa Shahno

My friend Lilly posted a link on my Facebook wall about a new designer, her name: Lisa Shahno. She's a fashion designer based in Moscow, Russia.

What interest me more about her work is her fixation in geometry (fixation that I share with her I guess), her latest creation "Squaring the square" is a conceptual collection based of the division principle. All outfits are based and created by rectangles and squares sewn and ordered together.

Personal opinion: I think the colors from the collection are kinda cliché, but the structure and construction of each piece is worth seeing. The colors and some messages embroidered somehow remind me of cyber punks... but anyways! It's a great collection and she's taking a huge risk with the siluet of each design. The fact that she's doing something different, unique, not-copying other designers is really valuable.

Here are some picture from her website:

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