Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knock offs!

This is going to be a hate entry! Because I'm mad! I hate that designers do knock offs from another designers. It's a little bit sad that with all the creativity that a designer has, he/she starts copying from another famous designer.

It's common to see now a days, especially in small countries like Costa Rica, people copying pieces from foreign designers. I think it's dissapointing when this is done. Taking advantage of people's ignorance and lack of knowledge is not the way to succeed. It's a deception for the customer and also for the designer.

Steve Madden is being sued by Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen for copying too of their must famous and acclaimed shoes. The copy is more than obvious!

left: Alexander McQueen. right: Steve Madden's knock off.

left: Balenciaga. right: Steve Madden's knock off.

Taken inspiration from a designer does NOT mean that you have to do something exactly the same. INSPIRATION NOT KNOCK OFF! Using the colors, the same siluet, the same accesories qualifies for me as a copy.

Originality and creativity are two of the most importants requirements in a designer profile. Make your own statement! Do your own signature pieces! And use inspiration as it should be used!


  1. I partially agree with U...Every designer should be creative enough to make their own designs However one has to consider that most of these clothes are high end cost which means they're not going to be accessible to everyone Therefore department stores and big chains tend to copy the most sought after items from those designers...Also remember imitation is the best form of flaterry!!

  2. I know that about the department stores, the way they work... I'm talking more about indie designers, like the ones from Costa Rica.
    If you're looking to be recognized and identified by consumers, I think you should do it by your own means, without copying and knowing how to use inspiration from other famous designers.
    Inspiration does NOT mean to make a literal copy of what you see in Paris/Milan/NY/Tokyo runways.
    You can always refer and be inspired by designers. The new look from Dior is something really meaningfull and BIG in fashion and people keep using it as an ispiration.
    The thing here is that many designers do not know the difference between inspiration/knock offs!

  3. And for me imitation is not flattering...