Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2010

So it's time for a little couture update. All of the shows were last week in Paris and as far as I have seen, there were good, as most of the times, but unfortunately we miss one of the star from couture: Christian Lacroix. It was always thrilling to see what he would do for his next show and it's quite a shame that he's not around anymore. Hopefully he'll get things straight and get a buyer and start showing his amazing creations sometime...

Chanel presented on January 26th a collection different from what we are used to see. There were no black, no navy, no gold buttons. As Sarah Mower said "it was a mix of romanticism, space age, and incredible eye-tricking handwork—as hard to fix in one place as the mercury that seemed to be running through the seams. The clothes ranged from shorts suits to shifts, from frothy, cocooning bubbles to liquid to gas. In some places, the embroideries looked like smashed glass or molten metal (...)"

Karl Lagerfeld has given Chanel (in the past six seasons) a new look, experimenting with new color, leaving gold behind and admitting that silver's the new gold. Many people critized this, because they expect from Chanel something that "screams" CHANEL from everywhere you see it, the regular tweed suit and the classic 2.55.
But for me, this collection has a Chanel trademark, not the one that we're used to see, but it has it. It has the materials, the accesories, the rococo heels, the classic/modern look and of course the craftsmanship.

Lagerfeld was acclaimed by the fashion press because "with all the beads, bows and jewels in Paris at your disposal it takes a disciplined designer to use them judiciously".

Clasic Chanel suit but now paired with short and with metallic fabric.

Amazing draping and also the molten metal effect.

Chiffon cut so thin and in so many layers that looks like fur.

An amazing made out 13.000 flowers ♥

La marieé! The cape she's wearing was made with 200 meters of tulle and silk and took 1300 to be made.

Shoes ♥