Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier + Levi's

Personally I'm not a Levi's fan, at least I'm not a fan after seeing what they sell in their stores in Costa Rica. But I accept that they have nice things, like the ones from their Red Label line.

So now I just find out that Levi's and Jean Paul Gaultier worked together. All the jeanswear presented last October at Gaultier's menswear runway was from the U.S denim brand designed by him. And I think this is amazing.

Gaultier, one the greatests designers from Paris, best known for his avant-garde/fetichist/absurd looks, and he + Levi's, in my opinion is what the brand needed since long ago. Levi's needs an update, they need to start selling what people likes and make it worldwide, not only sell the cool things in U.S, leaving aside consumers from Central America and/or other countries. If you see the photos below, you would never think that they are from the same label that they sell here in Mall San Pedro, which is extremely BORING and plain.

So, great Gaultier! You updated an old brand and it keeps the scense and tradition that Levi's is known for.

Photo: Milan Vukmirovic

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