Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

So another collaboration for H&M... After many successful collections, like the ones from Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor & Rolf and Comme des Garçons, comes a new one from Sonia Rykiel.

Sonia's a fashion designer from France who is known as "the queen of knits" in 1967. Since that time she's creating different kinds of knitwear pieces, experimenting with new kinds of seams, hemlines and other alterations. She's also a fashion writer and she was named one of the most elegant women from the 80's.

Her new collection for H&M which started to be sold in December 2009, called "Sonia Rykiel pour H&M", consisted only by lingerie pieces. And next month, in February, there will be a second collection/collaboration for the swedish retailer which includes only knitwear pieces, her specialty.

Here's a youtube video with the making of the collection which was recorded for H&M. The video gives you an idea of what you could find in the stores after February 20th. On this video you can see the designer herself talking about she likes about this designs for this specific retailer and also a behind the scenes of the photoshoot for the ad campaign featuring a model with her hair styled as Sonia's hair. ♥

She's not on my top listed designers, but I accept that's she's a really good one. She always shows unique and funny pieces on the runway and I think that her own signature. Making comfortable clothes, 100% cotton, very wearable and the same time with a lil' bit of humor on it. The next for pictures are from the lingerie line...

This two pictures from above, show some of the looks for the knitwear collection, which also includes shoes and accesories.

And last but not least, a portrait of Ms. Rykiel. She's gorgeous, always with her biiiig red hair. ♥

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