Saturday, January 9, 2010

A four in a land of zeros

Supermodel Lara Stone is now a giant in the fashion world, but her success was unexpected for her and also for the people who rejected her. I personally embrace sizes zero, but just by looking at Lara (a size 4) you can tell that she has unique shape and a gorgeous body.

She was discovered by an agent in a metro in Paris, she was the typical girl with an attitude problem, cigarrette-lover and not much into fashion, but she gave it a chance and she started working for a model agency. But with this she started a hard road in fashion and also in personal matters. She was often rejected for "being fat", she had trouble fitting in clothes selected for smaller sizes. She met one agent from IMG when she was 22, who believein her and saw how interesting she was and that also she was a one-of-a-kind beauty.

She has been in different ad campaigns, including Givenchy, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss and of course she has been in every important runway like Marc Jacobs'. Lara took gave fashion a chance because she liked the idea of dressing up, "Halloween is my favorite day of the year", she said.

She also dealed with a few problems besides being a size 4. She became an alcoholic, that was her refugee for all the emotional issues that she had dealing with stylist who rejected her. But after a month in rehab she came back to the fashion industry stronger than ever. That's why you can see her everywhere: ads, red carpets, parties, special events, runways, etc.
I think she's gorgeous and that she's really versatile and interesting to see. She's chameleonic!
Curves ahead!

(if you want to read more about her, check the January issue from Vogue US...)

Here's Lara for different magazine editorials:


  1. Sería interesante ver una perspectiva más íntima de tu criterio en relación a la moda. Algo más sobre tu intuición, tu inspiración, tus decisiones y lo que todo ello implica. Quizá más del lado creativo de vos como diseñador. ¿Te suena? A mí me parecería muy enriquecedor. Besides that, congratulations on your blog. Good luck.

  2. hey gracias x el comment!
    lo tomaré DEMASIADO en cuenta!

  3. I personally L O V E Lara!

    Howcome I missed this one entry??

    I should've bought the january issue of Vogue!

  4. no sé... ya no sos mi fiel follower :(