Saturday, January 16, 2010

♥ Tilda Swinton

It's not a secret for anyone who know me a little that I have a bizarre crush on Tilda Swinton. Since I first saw her in a movie, I thought "WOW, she's unique!", and she is. She's been doing different roles in lots of movies, since Narnia (wearing a dress inspired by an Alexander McQueen design) to Benjamin Button, etc.

She has a charm, she's different, she's not Megan Fox (thanks god!). I really think she's attractive and really androgynous. She can look really girly or very boy-ish.

Her name is Katherine Mathilda and she's 49. She has been in many different movie, from artsy to mainstream. Known for being always in the worst dressed list, which I think is just relative. Her style is unique and she's capable of wearing a Jil Sander suit and look amazing or when she used a Lanvin outfit (blouse + skirt) and she got critized.

But anyways, I think everyone has an own opinion of her. I just wanted to write about her and also share this pictures of her wearing pieces from new designers.

She'll be in the next ad campaign for Pringle of Scotland... can't wait to see the photos and the movie that she made for the brand.