Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hannelore Knuts

There's something about androgynous models that drives me nuts. And also, I love old models. I know that the boom is being 14 years old a being super tall and skinny, but I guess I love maturity. And here's one example.

Hannelore Knuts it's a Belgian fashion model and she has been on the cover of Vogue Italy, Japan and Korea. I remember "meeting" her back in 2004, when I started watching every single fashion show online and buying every magazine that got in my hands. The first time I saw her I was shocked and immediately in love. There's something about her face, her bone structure and of course her eyes that makes her so unique and so different from the rest. I really like the fact that she's old and looks like a real woman, not like a highschool girl.

She was born in Antwerp ♥, she is 5'9.5" or 176.5cm and she's a size 6 (wow!). She has an amazing curriculum, thousands of fashion shows (both ready-to-wear and couture) and I think that all the rest that I could write it's useless. Her photos speak for their own.

Here's some of my favorite pictures of her.

Photo from her modeling portfolio.


Taken from Vogue Italy.

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