Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grace Jones by Chris Levine

Artist Chris Levine photographed Grace Jones, known as the queen of androgynous and fashion. Grace is one of the greatest women alive. She's a singer, actress and also a model, she's half jamaican, half "american". She's 61 years old and she's still looking gorgeous and makind a statement everytime she performs at a stage.

Along with Annie Lennox, she was a very influential woman back in the 80's. She became famous as an actress in the U.S, keeping her fame as a singer in Europe. There's many things to say about her, but in my case I felt in love with her for one song ("La vie en rose") and because of her fashion sense. "Met her" many years ago, while I was watching an haute couture fashion show from Philip Treacy and instead of playing music from a cd or a dj, Grace Jones was performing live at the catwalk, I went speechless!

Since that day I've being paying attention to everything she does: new songs, photoshoots, performances, etc. And she's always renovating herself but as the same time she keeps a signature look, like her "flat top" hairstyle.

"Stillness at the speed of light" is Chris Levine's latest exhibition. He's a light artist, who works with 3D, lasers and LEDs to create contemporary and almost futuristic pieces. For this specific expo, he focused on portraits and videos. Both artists met through Philip Treacy. "I met Grace standing on stage at the Royal Festival Hall and told her that if she stood on this cross on the floor all light would break loose from her head. Luckily my theory worked and it looked awesome", said Levine. And that's how this project came to life.

The exhibition is on show from April 30th until May 15th at The Vinyl Factory Gallery in London's Soho.


  1. And here's the video from "La vie en rose"...

  2. You can purchase the print from this link