Friday, April 16, 2010

Naked Young Lady

I must confess that I'm a little obsessive when I like something... It's simple. It's love or the opposite, hate. In this case I'm obsessed with pale models (and with models as you can see in my last entries).

I love magazines with new proposals, maybe that's the reason why it was so shocking for me knowing that W Magazine was going to make a turn on their ideals and image. Dazed always comes out with something that I found so interesting and amazing, or maybe something that shocks me and makes me think a lot (like the breast cancer shoot from a few years ago). So this time it's not shocking or sad, it's just beauty, in its pure way: nudity.

This shoot, simple and pale plus a shocking pink hairdo and pretty revealing clothes, makes of Hannah Holman a one of a kind beauty.

There are some great models here in Costa Rica (Leonora Jiménez, Annabella Prins, Leda Artavia, Natasha Flemming, etc) with a high potencial that can almost be compared to the one's we can see in fashion magazines from outside the country, all they need is a chance to get photographed, a chance to model in a decent runway, good styling and of course they need people to believe in them.

Lately all of the entries have some kind of criticism, but I'm just trying to make a point here and to support what is think is right and to criticize what I think it's wrong and right now I'm pissed with this country. Maybe someday people would open their minds to something more risky and new, and maybe they will have the culture necessary to appreciate what fashion is.
(Soon I'll write a "deep" entry about this that "annoys" me)


  1. Definitely agree, some of them need t be given a chance to shine through, although Leonora Jimenez for example has already walked for houses like Chanel, she hasn't succeeded like other supermodels on demand, but she has had the opportunity to give herself exposure. Anyways The naked lady pictures are great! this model reminds me of Lara Stone a little bit!

  2. I think that what's missing here is support. They all wanna make Costa Rica "a better place" but no one wants to do shit about it. They are all stuck! So that's why good people is getting away from here.