Wednesday, April 28, 2010

McQueen's death

Almost 3 months after Alexander McQueen killed himself, the british police got all the results from the blood tests made. Paul Knapman, a coronocer, gave the results to the designer's close friends and family. He said that a "significant level of cocaine", sleeping pills and tranquilizers were found on his blood, which they took after they found him hanged in his apartment on February 11th. Also he added that one of the reasons for the suicides was that "the balance of his mind was disturbed".

It's sad to read this. I'm not over his death yet and I think I won't. Pressure from work, his mother's grieve, plus all his background as a self-destructive person took him to a desperate time and he took desperate measures. The coroner said that McQueen had a history fueled by cocaine. Also he wrote his suicide note on the back of the book "The Descent of Man", this one included instructions for his burial and ended: "Please look after my dogs. Sorry, I love you. Lee". And as I type and read this I feel like crying.

McQueen was a anxious and depressive person, he was also suicidal, he tried to killed himself with an overdose twice in 2009 and maybe he was just asking/crying for help. Maybe everyone saw this coming and no one was strong enough to convince him not to do it. He will always be missed. There's no doubt that he was/is unreplaceable. He left an empty spot in fashion and art and it could only be filled by him.

Another sad entry on this tragic ending for a the greatest designer this world would ever know.

R.I.P Lee