Friday, April 9, 2010

6126 by Li.Lo

More than a fashion entry, this one's about one of my guilty pleasures: Lindsay Lohan a.k.a Li.Lo. We all know about the mess created for one of the last seasons in Emanuel Ungaro, by I really think that it wasn't all her fault. I'm not going to defend her, but once again there's a celebrity "designing" a collection. And once again I can help but wonder: do they really design everythinr? Or, they have just a bunch of slaves/fashion designers creating beautiful pieces in the shadow of someone famous?

No matter what everyone says or what Lindsay does, I think she's so pretty. She has this cute face plus an amazing body, but that's not gonna sell me the idea that she's designing for 6126. Her first collection, which was in a 100% composed of leggins and now she's expanding to all kinds of clothes (jackets, pants, vests, shorts, leggins, etc).

Oh well... There's some nice pieces in the whole 6126 new collection. They are very Li.Lo-like. Is what we could see her wearing. So check it out and create your own opinion about it. I just think it would be fair for the customer to know who's designing what they're buying. And yes, she looks fucking HOT! ♥
The collection has 280 pieces, between $60 and $1000 and includes edgy and draped mini dresses, leather, chunky cardigans and lots of embellishment. Her isnpiration was “the iconic Marilyn Monroe and the timeless, confident glamour she represents.”



  1. ufffffffff la amo!! y la coleccion si tiene piezas chivas <3

  2. Some pieces look like they were withdrawn from zara, they don't look bad though!