Friday, April 16, 2010

Drama Queen

Talking about beautiful faces and amazing girls... I found the latest photoshoot featuring Tilda Swinton, my one and only. Of course credits must be given to Glen Fuchford, photographer, and to Katy England for the styling.

This is one of this entries that doesn't need much text or description about. Tilda is an unique actress, such a photogenic woman that she can be used for portraits, fashion spreads, movies, videos, ad campaigns, EVERYTHING! She's so versatile that we can see her posing nude or in haute coture and she can pull both looks off.

"Stepping out of a tiny lift, with her short red hair, green eyes and lunar-white skin, Tilda Swinton is looking more than ever like The Woman Who Fell To Earth"

I guess Dazed say it better! Maybe that's the closest I would ever get to describing her. She leaves me speechless!

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