Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go Wild!

It's been a while since my last entry but I've been very busy preparing my graduation project and also presenting it. But finally much of the stress and pressure is gone and hopefully A la mode, a la mort will be alive and kicking.
I've looking around recent editorials and for some reason I'm still obsessed with models and their look (maybe it's because my photoshoot is coming and I'm dreaming about having a famous model on it). Lately I've seen some great fashion spreads in different magazines, full of creativity, great photogrpahs, gorgeous models and amazing clothes.
As we all expected, McQueen pieces are everywhere! Is impossible not to see his armadillo shoes or any of his Spring 2010 dresses in every magazine.
Usually I'm not a spring/summer lover, I'm much into fall and heavy fabrics, lots of layers and fur. But for this season, they are showing great styling options. This is an example, V photographed model Masha Novoselova in the latest trends for time time of the year.
I LOVE this photos! They are clean, perfect lightning, white background...

"De alma felina": John Galliano shoes ♥

"Instinto Indomable": Armadillo shoes by Alexander McQueen.

Dress by Alexander McQueen.

I don't like the "ethnic trend" but this photo on the left wowed me! The make up is great!

This one is speacilly interesting. ♥ the texture on both pieces.

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