Friday, June 18, 2010

R.I.P Tom Nicon

Another model was found dead... Another tragic day for fashion. This time, model Tom Nicon aged 22, was found dead in Milan this morning when he supposedly "fell" from his window apartment. There has been no comments about his dead, but an unnamed friend that "he did the Versace fitting this morning, after that he was supposed to go to his agency but he never arrived. I don't know if it was suicide or if he fell."

It's weird that someone so successful, who walked for Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Costume National, Versace, Kenzo, Gareth Pugh, and Hugo Boss came to this ending but, we all know how fashion could be sometimes, how cruel it can be. In the last years Daul Kim ♥ and Ambrose Olsen killed themselves and many people think it was because of the pressure they had on them. I made an entry about Lara Stone and how hard it was for her to get to the top, where she is right now. Fame can be a tricky thing, it can get you to the top, but there could be many things missing... emotionally speakind.

An anonymous model told, "people think we are young and beautiful and rich and happy. But we're not. We go to castings and the directors take one look at us and then we're dismissed. You spend your whole life wondering what's wrong with you. Why didn't I get that job? You're competing with your friends, you're away from your family. The pressure is huge. It's not the fairytale life people would expect."


  1. RIP... btw, the second pic (guy with pack of jelly beans in mouth) is Cole Mohr

  2. my bad!
    thanks for letting me know.