Monday, June 14, 2010

Daphne Guinness bought Izzy's wardrobe

A few weeks ago, I wrote an entry about Isabella Blow's wardrobe being auctioned, with which I though that it was sad the fact that a no one was gonna get this amazing pieces from her personal collection without even knowing the real value of each and every thing she wore or bought. This auction was supposed to take place at Christie's in September but... Daphne Guinness bought Izzy's entire wardrobe. YAY!

I think that Daphne having all of Blow's pieces makes me happier than a random socialite having them, at least we know that she would appreciate and value every piece and heapiece from this amazing collection.

Both Isabella and Daphne has a unique and excentric style, so I think that no one more than her is perfect to have the whole wardrobe. Rather than a girl from "The Hills" or "The City" buying something just to be hip. This wardrobe deserves a place in a museum and I hope that someday someone plans an exhibition like "When Philip met Isabella" or the one from Daphne Guinness or Piaggi's.

"The planned sale at Christie's could only result in carnage, as souvenir seekers plundered the incredible body of work Issie had created over her life. Indeed, in many ways, the auction would not be merely a sale of clothes; it would be a sale of what was left of Issie, and the carrion crows would gather and take away her essence forever", said Daphne Guinness. ♥

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