Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kois Associated Architects

As I said before, Architecture will always be part of my life, even if it's just to watch and appreciate great projects (from my point of view) or as an inspiration or just as part of somethings related with aesthetics.

I found this project to be made in Jordan by Kois Associated Architects, a greek firm who's proposal is a mixed used building, a trend right now that we can even find here in Costa Rica, but besides being trendy is very functional, I do believe in trends, sorry. Kois started with a study of Ammn's urban environment, its organization, typology of structure plus an analysis of the jordanian architecture.

The cover of the building is a grid, based on symbolisms and meanings from the contemporary city and culture. The purpose of it is to create a veil "which also defines the extent of the city’s flow into the building, allowing a gradual interplay between indoors and outdoors, differing from floor to floor". Also, the main circulations (vertical and horizaontal) to the upper floors are located on a space created next to the building, this is to accomplished circulation outside the main core of the building and to access it by small openings that reveal the interiors.

The stores are located on the first floors and are structured like a traditional bazaar, this because of the importance of the bazaar as a merchandising local practice. For the offices, the goal was to achieve maximum organizational flexibility for the user. The higher levels of the building is the residential part, that also includes two family lofts.

I dream of one day walking around San José and find interesting building to see... I know it's far from this, but there's too many creative people in this country, with amazing ideas. I've seen great projects from local architects, interior designers, engineers, people who's actually updated with what's going on worldwide, but of course, there's always a "wall", in some cases is breakable, in some others there's no other choice than walk away, but that's a society thing, that pushes away. What a shame!

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