Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Maison Martin Margiela 20

Martin Margiela is a Belgian fashion designer, graduated from Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1980. His resumé includes many big names in fashion. First, in 1985, he worked for Jean Paul Gaultier, then in 1997 he became Hermès creative director for women's line. Following the avant-garde, one of his trademarks (same as Rei Kawakubo), he became an eccentric and ground breaking designer, who stood up against the luxuriousness of fashion, giving customers new proportions, different seams and of course, lots of deconstructive elements.

Personally, one of the things that make Margiela such a unique designer is his "artisanal" collection in which you can find garments made out of wigs, old belts, leather, christmas ornaments, etc. Something really peculiar about himself is his extremely low profile, there are no pictures of him and of his media contact has to be dealed via fax.

The brand, owned by Diesel, made the creative director leave the company and this was because Margiela had "creative differences" plus a "... a desire to enjoy his life outside the insistent glare of the fashion world", as he said. This was announced in December 2009, no head designer was hired, the brand will continue but designed by the creative team that has worked with the designer for the past years.

Now, there's a exhibition at Somerset House in London, celebrating 20 years of his influential and avant-garde contribution to fashion, the show explores his artistic and conceptual approach with installations, photography, video and film, this with the purpose of showing about the brand philosophy, its deconstructivism, subversive design aesthetic and unique couture.

Somerset House Director, Gwyn Miles says “we are delighted to be bringing Maison Martin Margiela’s major retrospective to Somerset House. This forms part of our aim to host an exciting year round programme of contemporary cultural exhibitions and events that reflects current trends in the creative industries, particularly in fashion and design. I hope this exhibition stimulates debate and ideas, and will go some way in establishing Somerset House as a genuine creative hub for London”.

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