Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hermès Tokyo ♥

Hermès, the french fashion house established in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, especialized in leather goods, ready to wear, ready-to-wear and luxury item is renowned by everyone, in + out the fashion world.

After receiving a great gift book from my boyfriend for Christmas, it's called "Moda: arquitectura corporativa" I decided that I need it to blog about Hermès and its amazing store in Tokyo.

Hermès, always recognized by its quality and of course for its Birkin bag, is also famous for their scarfs and handkerchiefs, which are design by special artists and they are created with the oldest techniques of silk printing.

The tradition and also the craftmanship applied in each and every piece, lead the architect Renzo Piano to creat a store, a building meant to be one of a kind. Located in Ginza, one of the fashion districts of Tokyo, stands as one of the most monumental buildings in the city. With its 6000 square meters of construction, has on its inside shopping spaces, workshops, offices, exhibition spaces, a multimedia area and also a garden on the rooftop.

Its thingness, structure, covered all in glass blocks makes it looks like a well-crafted jewel. You can say that the Hermès store has two faces, one by day and one by night, lights (in + out the building) makes it look diferent. Another great detail about it is the form that every block has, flat on one side and curved on the other, this shape makes and effect on the glass, producing one of the things that Piano wanted for the building, that is NOT transparent and that people could use their imagination to wonder what's inside the glass box.

Hermès Tokyo by day.

Hermès Tokyo by night.

Detail of the glass blocks.


  1. Yay !
    Que dicha que dicha q mi gift lo emociona !

  2. EL gift!
    me emociona y me apasiona!