Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Back in 2006, at the end of this year I felt unhappy studying architecture, teachers sucked, the program sucked and I was not fulfilling what I desired...
I've always loved fashion, since I was a kid! I remember doing sketches for my mom, with really colorfull and 90's cloth...

So in 2006 I made a change and I started my career in Fashion Design. It hasn't been easy, especially because Costa Rica is really small and chances are SO limited... but anyways, I took a risk and I'm SO happy I took it, since that time I've been really happy and satisfied with what I'm doing. I learn a few things at school and another porcentage I think I have learn it by myself.

Dreams are always ON and I have really high expectations and goals for the future, so hopefully you'll be seing more from me...

Here's my first project for school, it was for the first fashion show I had. This was designed for Fall/Winter 2006-2007, is really conceptual and not that wearable. The inspiration for the collection was music, specifically Alternative Dance. They asked us to have a muse, so I chose Björk 'cause I think that she is a music icon and also A fashion icon, always dressed with avant garde pieces, from unknown designers, wearing what she likes no matter if she's on the worst dressed lists all the time, but that makes her unique!

So reading about Alternativa Dance, I found that it was a really rich inspiration for my first fashion collection. I created for the runway 3 pieces: 1 dress, 1 skirt and 1 blouse. As this music genre does, my cloth representing style, texture and fusion/contrast of different elements and fabrics. I used jacquard, jersey, silk, lace and damask. And the colors were based on the trend for the season, that's always a requirement for school. -.-'
But anyways...

Here's the final product!

The photos were taken by Matias Sauter.


  1. I think it's true, Costa Rica is SO small and the chances are limited, that being said, I think succes doesn't fully depend on the opportunities you get, it lies in the artist/designer/performer's creativity and its ideas, points of view and even in how much you want to excel in whatever you're field is. I honestly think you have got what it takes to make BIG here and probably anywhere. I have seen your work and, as I've said numerous times before, you have something that I haven't seen. It's rare to find that amount of talent, specially here.

  2. awwww!
    thanks for all those words!
    it feels so good when people believes in you and more when it's someone that also has a point of view and knows what this is all about!