Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Femme en fourrure

I was online today talking with my friend Daver, as he introduces me to a great music duo, so I thought I should write about... Femme en fourrure!

Femme en fourrure is a duo from Finland, and looks like this country is been a major scene for music and also well known for its unique street style and fashion designers coming from there.

Formed by Juuso & Bianca, both from Helsinki, they're part of the nu-school of house born in the finnish land. They're quite new online and they have only released a few singles and remixes on their MySpace profile. But when you hear their music, you can tell they're going to be a major hit or at least a song that you can enjoy and dance.

The purpose of this entry is showing you the AMAZING video from their single "Plump Bisquit". First the song is super housy and nice to hear and then, the video seems to me like a great aesthetics proposal. As you start with the video, you realize that every detail is taking care of, the way the color matches (or not), the photography from the video, the hair, the headpieces, the outfits, the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Shoes, the make up, the movements, etc.
I'm not an art critic or a video expert! But just by watching this video, a low budget video, you realize that is not necessary to include sci-fi/special effects/celebrities/expensive things in a video music to make it awesome! Miika Lommi (she directed one of Terry Poison's video) is the director of this super creative piece, which I can stop watching and enjoying! Is great to see how people still cares about making a statement without using a great famous directed, giving the opportunity to new rising stars like Lommi is. There's too many good directors, designers, artist, musicians, etc that have so much to say and show with their work.

I'll try to keep posting interesting things that I find around...

Please check the park with the nipple-less/navel-less girls + the nail polish!

♥ femme en fourrure!

images taken from myspace.com/femmeenfourrure


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  1. QUE AMO la cancion !
    Me encanta el pelo, y las cositas de bolitas + facepaint