Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christian Lacroix forever!

For Fall 2009, in Paris, Christian Lacroix presented his last collection. An haute couture show full of emotions, full of effort, produced by seamstresses, embroiderers, jewelwers, milliners and shoemakers that have worked with Lacroix loyally through the years.

Lacroix filed his label for bankruptcy in May, 2009. The designer said about the owners that “not being from the couture-and-luxury field ... were not prepared for the long-term investment”. As people know, the purpose of couture show is not mainly to sell cloth... is its power what's important, how this benefits a label's marketing.

Couture has a limited clientele. One gown could cost at least €30.000 and that's without including the fittings at the atelier.

So here's the problem with Lacroix:

First, the owners (the Falic family), thought that in two season they could have their inversion money back. Another mistake was, just focused on the production of haute couture pieces, leaving aside the production of sunglasses, handbags and ready-to-wear collection from the Lacroix firm.

Fashion might lose a great designer, with a great impact and a unique creativity. It's sad to see how bad decisions could end a great fashion house such as Christian Lacroix was. His patterns, volume, siluets, fabrics, headpieces, embroiders, skirts, shoes, pins, etc would remains in everyone's mind and they will always be considered as a great legacy to the fashion world.
Christian Lacroix forever!

And here are some of my favorite looks from the collection:

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