Monday, July 5, 2010

Tree Dimensional Art

Sorry, I've been sleeping for two weeks in a row and that's the reason why I haven't write a single entry... Besides, I didn't find anything that was worth of writing about. But now I found it...

Enzo Enea is a Swiss landscape designer who took his hobby as a tree collector far from this, becoming a tree curator/landscape designer. Now he's celebrating the opening of The Tree Museum on the banks of Lake Zurich, taking what we have in mind of a garden to whole new different level, creating a modern-day Eden.

He deals with great clients, art collectors, Picassos and Warhols buyers, he, instead collects Japanese maples and weeping willows, creating with his trees an unique collection, an open-air museum. "I think they are natural pieces of art. For 20 years I have been collecting trees from all over Europe. I wanted to show how much beauty and power there is around us", said Enea.

The Tree Museum, opened in June 14th, has an oval shape where he created a series of "rooms" which showcase over 50 trees and 25 species, all set to allow the view from different angles. His ambition goes almost beyond his success. He has a 2000 trees personal collection, plus two headquearters, one in Switzerland and the other one in Miami. Of course, his creations goes to a limited part of society, the in-the-know super rich.

I love passionate people and Enzo is one of them. He doesn't consider himself only as a tree collector but as a curator "because it's a collection. And you put things in a museum which must be conserved. It's not like a public park. Children can't climb these trees - I would shoot them!" LOL.

It's really worth to take some time and google him. He has amazing designs and makes trees be looked from a whole new perspective, appreciating nature from an artsy point of view. Many people might say that "they're only trees", but not for him and not for me, not as he set them in a garden and not by the meaning they have for him, who truly has a passion for what he does.

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