Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dior Cruise 2011 in Shanghai

Hmmm... Galliano has always new to show, a statement to make but... I think this is not the case. For Christian Dior's Cruise 2011 collection, he presented some pieces that for me looked very plain and boring. What I hate the most is the color palette, seems to me like a little cheesy. Too much pink, too much lavender and all from head to toes.

I understand that fashion is cyclical and that what we show in the 20's or 50's is going to be back at some point. But the power a designer has to reinvent and to reinterpret what we already saw is infinite. Not in this particular show. Presented in Shanghai, Galliano gave his audience a collection inspired by the Nouvelle Vague, a cinematic movement.

Karlie Kloss opened the show, followed by models in knitted frocks and bar jackets, and at the end, some dramatic gowns in silk and organza, that looked like taken from a Disney film. Galliano said that he didn't want to make a chinese inspired collection for his customers there, he wanted to present the "savoir-faire of France".

I don't hate the collection, the problem for me seems to be that it's just TOO literal. Every dress or trench coat here is something we have seen before, it's safe, it's cheesy and it's boring. I would love to see the old Galliano, always playing with volumes, shapes, drapes, fabrics, embellishments, etc... but not the safe Galliano. This collection might be pretty and wearable, but Dior/Galliano is known for more, not just a plain pink dress that looks like taken from a Brady Bunch episode.

I picked some of my favorites. And actually they are not my favorites at all, they are just acceptable. I miss the old Galliano and the absurd shows he used to make for his own brand and for Dior.


  1. Yeah, I agree with you, we usually expect something better from Galliano... The cocktail dresses and the shoes are too banal, already seen. Also in the last s/s collection he didn't do his best, the outfits were faboulous as always but...nothing new! I hope that Jhon will surprise us again soon!
    Ps: you have a great blog. Kisses from Italy

  2. Daisy O' I'm so happy that I have a new reader! And I'm even happier because you liked the blog.
    I don't know why in this moment, that fashion is going through crisis, Galliano is putting on the runway things that are so lame and not now. I'm waiting for him to surprise me again. Galliano is unique and waiting for his fashion show was always thrilling... now it's just blah!