Friday, January 4, 2013

Ophelia has a dream

Between 1851 and 1852, John Everett Millais painted Ophelia, one of Shakespeare's Hamlet character before she drowns in a river.

Not very appreciated in its years, later it became an admired artwork for its beauty and its accurate depiction of a natural landscape. Ophelia has been estimated to have a market value of around $48 million.

And a few days ago, Mihara Yasuhiro collaborated with photographer Paolo Roversi on a moving rendition of the portrait, presented at Tate Britain in London alongside the original painting of the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Mihara Yasuhiro is a japanese designer known for his work with shoes. His work has been prolific since his first shoes were created, landing him deals with Puma and major shoe distributors around the world. He has recently taken up clothing lines for both men and women and his work in street fashion has made him a popular name throughout Tokyo.

He decided to make this film as a symbol of eternity and existence after Japan's disaster in March 2011.

"I wanted to create something that would allow viewers to dream and be immersed in a fantasy", said Yasuhiro.

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