Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sarah Burton on taking McQueen's position

"For quite a long time I didn't want the job," Sarah said. "I thought: how would I ever even begin to begin? Lee's mind was so different to everyone else's. I knew there was no way I could pretend to be him; but I had to ask myself, what did Lee work for? For all this to close down? I thought about what I wanted. What was best for me. Like many women my age, I do want children, but I came to think that that's not a reason not to take up a challenge. In the end, I decided to just get on with it: do my best." She also reveals details from her job interview with McQueen... "I remember Lee asking me, 'Do you believe in UFOs?'"

Hope I can get the British Vogue to read more about her.


  1. He certainly had such a different mind form everyone else's!

    I think she's filling out the position pretty well, to my perspective, she did great with SS 2011!! I loved many of the pieces!

  2. She worked with him for ages and I guess that's why she's doing such a great job. SS2011 was amazing!
    I need to get that magazine, unfortunately there's only Vogue Paris...